The Golden Compass

It could very well be a fine movie, although we can’t quite tell since it hasn’t been released yet. However, the book it’s based on, Northern Lights in the UK and The Golden Compass in the US, is anti-religious. The author, Phillip Pullman, reportedly is an atheist who pursues an anti-Christian agenda. According to Wikipedia,…Continue Reading…

212 – The Extra Degree – Movie Review

I’m not sure if there’s an actual full-length movie to go with this, but the simple Flash-animated story is incredibly inspiring. The background soundtrack is quite catchy, too. Take a look: Here’s another version that’s just as good, if not better: What do you think?

Simpsonize Me

I visited Joel Comm’s blog today and saw that he’d been Simpson-ized. “Looks like fun,” I thought. A few clicks later, here I am. I think my hair should be a little darker than that. Maybe the lighting in the photo I gave it wasn’t quite right. Then again, Joel’s hair looks a little light,…Continue Reading…

I made $0.15 on Revver

And I have no idea how because I still don’t see where their ads are. This is the video that earned me fifteen cents. It’s a Voss vs. Costco bottled water taste test:

Cruising to Ensenada with my Grandpa

From October 29 to November 2, I’ll be out on a cruise with my grandpa. I’m really looking forward to it because this is just the kind of thing that taking a semester off from school allows me to do. This is our cruise itinerary: Oct 29: San Pedro Port Oct 30: San Diego, Cal…Continue Reading…

SCV = Space Construction Vehicle

I was browsing for info on the wildfire when I saw this headline: The 10 Places to Visit in the SCV Before You Die StarCraft fans understand why this is amusing. SCV is the Terran unit in StarCraft and stands for Space Construction Vehicle.