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I was quoted in the Fall/Winter 2006 issue of the USC Viterbi Engineer Alumni magazine.

So many people were present that there were not enough Hsieh department T-shirts for everyone. One undergraduate, Elliot Lee, recounted in his blog that he mustered up the courage to meet Hsieh and then mentioned the T-shirt problem. To his amazement, Hsieh handed him the shirt that he had received during the ceremony, saying he would get another one.

“What an awesome guy!” wrote Lee.

PDF (located on PDF page 20)

I just discovered I was mentioned in a Daily Trojan article in 2005. So I’ll list times when I’m mentioned in the news here.

Elliot Lee, a freshman majoring in computer engineering and computer science, said he was excited to see the entire faculty here and thought the speeches were good.

“Sample’s speech really made me think of the different opportunities I could pursue here at USC,” he said.

Sample greets latest ‘SC Trojans

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