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West Loop Roadtrip – Day 4

Per our fellow makespacer’s advice, we decided to visit the Temple Square, which is a conference center built by the Church of Latter Day Saints. We took up an offer for a free tour by our very amiable tour guide. Since I’m not familiar with the administrative structure of Mormonism or the book of Mormon, it was a very interesting and educational tour, even if it was a bit short.

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Financial Hack and Black Friday

black-friday-shoppers.jpg Here’s a neat blog I found today called Financial Hack. I read his very interesting post called Screw Black Friday, in which I learned that Black Friday is actually not the biggest shopping day of the year. I tend to agree with that post. I wanted to go shopping on Black Friday just for the fun and experience, but after reading that, I’m now not so sure. I didn’t actually want to buy anything, of course. I just wanted the fun of fighting crowds with friends. That depends on having friends to go with, but I suspect I’d be able to locate a few.

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