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Keep the Trojans in the Coliseum

usc-coliseum.jpg Mike Garrett, Director of Athletics at USC, wrote an open letter to the Coliseum Commission which is intriguing and a little shocking to me. I’ve gone to only a few games at the Coliseum, and every time I noticed that it wasn’t kept up as well as it should be. It seemed outdated. Stuff was cheap. Things were broken. I’m sure this is still true today. The amazing thing is that it’s still so wonderful, even with all its extreme shortcomings. Indeed, the fans and Trojan spirit more than make up for any of the stadium’s problems. But Mike’s letter changed how I viewed the situation. Essentially, I had thought the Coliseum was basically USC’s. All of the problems that it has? USC’s fault. In reality, this is not so much the case. Here’s a brief excerpt from the letter. Continue reading