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Apple has released a very small Mac called the Mac Mini, and it will be sold for $499 (40 GB) and $599 (80 GB). It doesn’t include a monitor, keyboard, or mouse — but you can get those anywhere.

The Mini is the lowest-priced Mac; it used to be the $799 eMac. However, it does still cost $500, which is more than some PCs.

Do you remember Even if you don’t – I got a free iPod from them. This is the same company. It works.

[Update: Complete!]

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    i only need 2 more, thanks elliot!

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  8. Wetzel says:

    I followed a link in a comment since yours was done.

    I need 5 more right now. Thanks!

  9. John says:

    if anyone is interested in doing this with me, i’ll do yours too.

    im thinking of doing the minimac

  10. tony says:

    Does anyone want to trade referals? I’m doing the promotion, and i havent signed up for the mini mac one yet, so i’m offering to trade referals with someone. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

  11. matt man says:

    this is a big scam! liars…

  12. jrhod says:

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  13. Darin says:


    I followed your link, on my way to a free MiniMac. Currently waiting on the shipping for the freeIpod. Would be willing to trade referrals.

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    Help me out.
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  15. Adam says:

    Just for the record guys, I found a couple problems with what you guys are saying. First, when you say “I’ll walk you through it step by step…” This is forbiddin by the Gratis terms of service, “a user may not “walk” a referral through the creation of an account or any subsequent campaign activity on our referral based sites.”.

    In addition, some of you have things being “Shipped” and you’re “on your way” to getting something else…again, according to Gratis TOS, you’re only allowed to get one free item, “Users may only receive 1 free item per account.” You might think that you can make seperate accounts on each Gratis site, but “If you are a member of one point-based site, then you are automatically a member of all other points-based sites, and may login with the same user name and password as well as earn and spend points among all point-based sites.”

    Read the TOS like crazy or you’ll regret it!

  16. Anonymous says:

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