Is Global Warming Fake?

Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I’m currently watching a video on The Great Global Warming Swindle, and it’s certainly convincing. After all, climatologists need us to believe global warming is real in order to keep getting funding for research. Otherwise, it’s not a problem, and we can go on with our economic growth.

Here are some of my notes from watching the video. I haven’t verified whether this is all true, or to what extent it’s true, but this is from the video. But it’s really fascinating, so I’ll write about it. And this would be an intriguing topic to research in the future. Of course, the global warming scam, if it is one, is what makes it interesting.

Temperature is leading CO2 by about 800 years. CO2 is following temperature changes. How can it be that a higher temperature causes more CO2?

CO2 is a gas produced by all living things. We’re all made of carbon dioxide. Humans aren’t the main source. Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more. The ocean has a memory of temperature changes. Here’s the video… you can play/listen to it while you look over my own notes below.

If CO2 doesn’t drive earth’s climate, what does? Look at the sky; the gigantic thing called the Sun. The origin of long-term weather forecasting is the Sun. It’s much more interesting to use sunspots to predict the weather. Sunspots are intense magnetic fields. Astronomers used to count the number of spots thinking that more spots meant warmer weather. During the little ice age, there were few sunspots visible.

There’s a close correlation between what the sun’s doing and temperature here on earth. The sun is driving changes in the climate. It also affects us indirectly through clouds. How are clouds formed?

Cosmic rays meeting water from the sea, they form water droplets, creating clouds. When the sun is stronger, fewer particles get through, and fewer clouds get formed. The climate was controlled by the clouds, controlled by cosmic rays, controlled by the sun. The intensity of its magnetic field more than doubled in the 20th century.

What causes the increase in natural disasters? Global cooling and the threat of a new ice age was the problem in the 1970s. Experts warned that extreme cold temperatures would be a terrible problem. One scientist suggested that increased carbon dioxide output by humans could help to warm the earth.

Why did this theory go away? (1) Temperatures rose and (2) the miners went on strike. Nuclear is misrepresented. Since nuclear has no carbon dioxide emissions, prove that carbon dioxide is a problem. Then, nuclear power will be really pushed over oil and coal. Mrs. Thatcher set up the IPCC which produced a report suggesting global disaster as a result of global warming. He noticed the ignorance of all scientific data up to that point, such as the emphasis on the sun.

This was also attractive to medieval environmentalists. They loved it because CO2 is clearly an industrial gas, tied in with economic growth and car transportation. Basically: civilization. There are people who think economic growth is bad, and global warming could be used to justify a whole range of myths. It’s also anti-US.

Now in the 1980s, a majority of people agreed with environmentalists. You can’t be confrontational that way. So you need to take increasingly extreme standpoints. Also, the failure of global communism meant that communists took their anti-capitalist views with them elsewhere.

It was attracting more media attention, and thus, more government funding. $170 million a year, which was reasonable.. but then it jumped to $2 billion a year, and that brought a lot of jobs and new people who otherwise weren’t interested. You have whole cadres of people whose only interest is that there is global warming. If your field is the one of concern, you have to do less work showing why you should get funding. It’s a small part of science, but funding is going into global warming and distorting its part.

Climate models are only as good as their assumptions. A bad prediction could be far worse than none at all. All models assume man-made CO2 is the main source of climate change, instead of the sun, water vapor, and clouds. The models are so exciting that you can change a subtle detail and make something exciting happen. You can model anything.

An impressive way of making a more interesting forecast is by saying there will be more manmade CO2 than there is. Climate forecasts are only proved wrong long after people have forgotten about it. Forecasters are more concerned about making a model that’s impressive.

If you run a model and nothing happens, then it won’t get printed. If you run the model and something amazing happens, people will say it’s exciting and it’ll get picked up by the media. There’s a bias towards results that are dramatizable.

Environmental journalists? If the global warming story goes into the trash can, so does their job. The story has to get more dramatic because otherwise hardened news editors will think: “oh, it’s the same thing you reported 5 years ago.”

Catastrophic melting of the polar ice caps? Greenland was much warmer than it is just 1000 years ago. Yet there wasn’t a major meltdown event. The ice caps are always expanding and contracting, according to Professor Akasofu. This is becoming news now only because we have satellites that can now see this. People forget that ice is always moving. Falling ice in the arctic is as ordinary as falling autumn leaves. It happens every year. There’s no evidence of catastrophe due to global warming.

Just because you saw something happen to the ocean last year doesn’t mean something changed in the climate last year. In fact, that’s pretty unlikely, since it takes hundreds of years for the deep ocean to change, and then reflect that on the ocean surface.

Mosquitoes aren’t tropical; they thrive in cold temperatures. They’re extremely abundant in the arctic. In the 1920s, there was an epidemic of malaria, with about 600,000 deaths. It’s not a tropical disease. People in global warming invent scare stories that it will spread north due to warmer temperatures.

More than $4 billion a year is spent on global warming. Scientists speaking out against it are much more likely to lose. Few take a stand because it does cut into research funding. People think that these people are paid off by the oil and gas companies. But they’re not; there’s almost no private sector funding of climatology.

This is putting pressure on developing countries, suggesting that they shouldn’t develop. The UN is sponsoring a conference about global warming in developing countries. How to promote solar panels in Africa? Billions of dollars in climate science means there’s a lot of people dependent on those dollars, and they want to see that carry forward. They have a Global Warming Officer! There are a lot of people, in some way or another, dependent on it. People who dare challenge man-made global warming are vilified. If you’re skeptical about climate change, it’s like you’re a holocaust denier. Environmentalists are influential on a global level, and politicians know this.

The US government has succumbed in the past month, and now they are investigating environmental problems in the developing world. The policies being pushed are having a disasterous effect on the world’s poorest people. They also have the Precautionary Principle, and it’s used in one direction only: the risk of using fossil fuels, but not the risks of not using it. It never talks about the positives of using the energy!

500 million children die by indoor smoke because they have to burn things for fuel in developing countries. They don’t have electricity, which creates a long chain of problems. No refrigeration or modern packaging, so food can’t be kept. And there’s no hot water. The life expectancy of people living without electricity is short.

My own question. What about before electricity was widely used? Electronics are only an invention of the past couple hundred years. Humans lived long before that.

People promoting solar and wind power really like the idea of global warming. Personally, that includes me. But it’s true that they are notoriously unreliable, as the video claims. And they are a lot more expensive, too. It’s expensive for the Europeans and Americans, but for Africans, it’s about survival! This promotes the idea that the world’s poorest should be restricted to the most expensive types of energy. Saying they must use solar panels means that they can’t have electricity!

Also, there’s a romanticisation of the simple life. I agree: it’s really not that great. I love living in modern society here in California. Industrialization is really a good thing, no matter how much those people try to make it sound bad.

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  1. Hope S says:

    You people are morons if you dont believe in global warming and its YOUR fault the it keeps happening!!!!!! YOU KEEP KILLING THE POLAR BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamie K says:

      I agree!! The people are too focused on their thick heads and won’t see to scientific reason… Even if it doesn’t exist, what is up with the crazy weather this year?

      • Hope S says:

        Yeah! I mean look at all the tornados that we have already gotten!!! People just need to open their eyes and see whats going on in front of them.

        • john says:

          we have tornados every year its not like they are coming out of nowhere. stop listening to thte government they just want ur brain and ur gpzzzz!!!

  2. Kelo says:

    I agree! You people are morons!!!

  3. Dan Cardol says:

    Global Warming has no scientific proof backing it up which has not been proven wrong. Everything that backs it up has been proven wrong again and again my real scientists. Of course, Global warming is a politically driven process. Ignores all evidence, and is never will. Modern day facsists.

  4. Scotty says:

    LOL! Al Gore, what a joke.

  5. diesel says:

    haha! Yeah he is really sad my friend!

  6. Jeff Saxton says:

    There’s a quite convincing theory or set of theories about the sun’s cyclicity and how it’s caused by the sun’s strange orbit around the gravitational center of the Solar System. Statistical analysis of observed cyles show an eerie coorelation between weather and the sun’s gyrations. In fact, we are likely in for a cold spell! After reading several different papers on this, I’m betting on cooling, not warming. I don’t know how the warmists will spin it, but it will be very interesting to watch them squirm!
    Check this guy out.. and he’s not the only one. Enough have written on this that I don’t believe it’s a crank thing.

  7. lewis thompson says:

    yeah i agree with you guys that global warming is bull.i looked at graphs recently showing the temperatures of the world during the last couple of centurys and it looked to me like they are going around in some sort of cycle and i reckon that the same is happening to day the temperature will go up and down respect!!!

  8. Nick E says:

    Global warming was started by a group of scientists that wanted money! Global warming is 100% FAKE!!!

  9. Claire says:

    is the scene at 19:00-19:30 showing al gore’s an incovenient truth a “cut and paste video” i think that when he said “did they ever fit together, no that’s ridiclous” wasn’t in this part. it was when he was discussing plate tectonics. if i’m right, i am disregarding the entire work.

  10. Robbo says:

    Global warimng is real, but we are not causing it. Its all natural! Shit scientists need a way to get money researching bullshit beacause they are too stupid to look into something else. They all get on the band-wagon. WANKERS!!!!!

  11. Darking says:

    Global Warming is not what it is said to be. Scientists exagerate its effects too much. Yes, indeed temperatures are rising but this is normal. and as Lee said “climatologists need us to believe global warming is real in order to keep getting funding for research. Otherwise, it’s not a problem, and we can go on with our economic growth.”

  12. Scott says:

    You really think all those scientists who spend half their life to get where they are now would say a bunch of bullshit to get more money for researching something they didnt believe in? Global Warming is real the hard evidence is there u cant deny it. Sure it is over dramatised by the media. But how can you say we are not impacting on the earth when the worlds population has doubled in 40years and is set to rise another 3 billion in another 40years you dont think that the huge increases in a short period of time will have an effect on the earth? Carbon dioxide has increased by about 80 parts per million over the last 200 years dont think that this sudden rise will effect the earth? No matter what exactly we are doing to the earth we are definately having a great impact on our planet and it will have disastrous outcomes.

  13. Tyler says:

    I am a high school student in model united nations. Now I have a good argument to go against man made global warming thanks to all this. I beleive it’s normal cycle caused by the Sun. btw, how does co2 destroy the ozone?

  14. nic says:

    wow…very good point… you make a brilliant argument and i don’t know what to believe anymore. but putting co2 in the atmosphere and other things were doing to the planet (filling if full of holes for ores putting chemicals into water and our air etc) has to be doing something right? global warming might not be happening right now and might not happen in the next 100 years but somethings got to give sooner or later…

  15. urface says:

    say I were 2 delete global warming and then erase it, permanently it could also put you out of a job and why because global warming does not any longer then exist, and that way u would be giving false information to the public by lying so by then wake up and smell the fresh air, and see the bright future get yourself a job that pays, hmmm… how about tripple your maximum pay wage a year.

  16. anomnus says:

    global warming is fake and sucks it is stupid

  17. Global Warmer says:

    I think that Global Warming DOES exist, its just that people like Al Gore are going way over board with it, there was a trend where back in the 1980’s in NY state we didnt get any snow for a full 5 years, back in the 1960’s there was a HUGE snow storm that went through NY state, I think we should go green, just not as much as Al Gore suggests, because otherwise the Government will just make out on all the money we put into them when they say they are going green when in the next 5-10 years, this will all blow over and be a big spoof and all that money wasted for nothing to happen.

  18. dsgf says:

    its fake.

    sometimes i go outside and just turn all my cars on and let them run a bit.

  19. Jack Smith says:

    you are right, i think the whole “oh my god the world will melt!!” craze is a buunch of bull. i am only a teeenager and i know this to be 110% true: the world is ALWAYS changing, aalways has been always will be…over the last several hundred years the earths tempature has jumped like a maniac on a pogo stick and they think that humans are responsible?? ggive me a break jack i think youre being a bit harsh, i mean everything in the world even the oceans which im sure cover a good bit of the world give off CO2 emissions. we will all be fine becuase it is completely safe, we’re fighting a war that doesnt exsist.

  20. Brendan says:

    Well thats bull crap. Al gore can suck a massive…. UQ*(@&E^W(*&W)E *&(*&^*&^*&^B him he is stupido so are you!

  21. bobbyj says:

    shut up you know nothing brendan

  22. karkas9 says:

    well done man…i wish everyone one day stands up to these communists and say no more crap and let us live happily and easily…
    i have an environment class this Monday and we have to do the final presentations, and i would use the movie as one reference. the stupid class exists because i live in Canada(homebase of Greenpeace) and im studding automechanics…

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