Is Global Warming Fake?

Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I’m currently watching a video on The Great Global Warming Swindle, and it’s certainly convincing. After all, climatologists need us to believe global warming is real in order to keep getting funding for research. Otherwise, it’s not a problem, and we can go on with our economic growth.

Here are some of my notes from watching the video. I haven’t verified whether this is all true, or to what extent it’s true, but this is from the video. But it’s really fascinating, so I’ll write about it. And this would be an intriguing topic to research in the future. Of course, the global warming scam, if it is one, is what makes it interesting.

Temperature is leading CO2 by about 800 years. CO2 is following temperature changes. How can it be that a higher temperature causes more CO2?

CO2 is a gas produced by all living things. We’re all made of carbon dioxide. Humans aren’t the main source. Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more. The ocean has a memory of temperature changes. Here’s the video… you can play/listen to it while you look over my own notes below.

If CO2 doesn’t drive earth’s climate, what does? Look at the sky; the gigantic thing called the Sun. The origin of long-term weather forecasting is the Sun. It’s much more interesting to use sunspots to predict the weather. Sunspots are intense magnetic fields. Astronomers used to count the number of spots thinking that more spots meant warmer weather. During the little ice age, there were few sunspots visible.

There’s a close correlation between what the sun’s doing and temperature here on earth. The sun is driving changes in the climate. It also affects us indirectly through clouds. How are clouds formed?

Cosmic rays meeting water from the sea, they form water droplets, creating clouds. When the sun is stronger, fewer particles get through, and fewer clouds get formed. The climate was controlled by the clouds, controlled by cosmic rays, controlled by the sun. The intensity of its magnetic field more than doubled in the 20th century.

What causes the increase in natural disasters? Global cooling and the threat of a new ice age was the problem in the 1970s. Experts warned that extreme cold temperatures would be a terrible problem. One scientist suggested that increased carbon dioxide output by humans could help to warm the earth.

Why did this theory go away? (1) Temperatures rose and (2) the miners went on strike. Nuclear is misrepresented. Since nuclear has no carbon dioxide emissions, prove that carbon dioxide is a problem. Then, nuclear power will be really pushed over oil and coal. Mrs. Thatcher set up the IPCC which produced a report suggesting global disaster as a result of global warming. He noticed the ignorance of all scientific data up to that point, such as the emphasis on the sun.

This was also attractive to medieval environmentalists. They loved it because CO2 is clearly an industrial gas, tied in with economic growth and car transportation. Basically: civilization. There are people who think economic growth is bad, and global warming could be used to justify a whole range of myths. It’s also anti-US.

Now in the 1980s, a majority of people agreed with environmentalists. You can’t be confrontational that way. So you need to take increasingly extreme standpoints. Also, the failure of global communism meant that communists took their anti-capitalist views with them elsewhere.

It was attracting more media attention, and thus, more government funding. $170 million a year, which was reasonable.. but then it jumped to $2 billion a year, and that brought a lot of jobs and new people who otherwise weren’t interested. You have whole cadres of people whose only interest is that there is global warming. If your field is the one of concern, you have to do less work showing why you should get funding. It’s a small part of science, but funding is going into global warming and distorting its part.

Climate models are only as good as their assumptions. A bad prediction could be far worse than none at all. All models assume man-made CO2 is the main source of climate change, instead of the sun, water vapor, and clouds. The models are so exciting that you can change a subtle detail and make something exciting happen. You can model anything.

An impressive way of making a more interesting forecast is by saying there will be more manmade CO2 than there is. Climate forecasts are only proved wrong long after people have forgotten about it. Forecasters are more concerned about making a model that’s impressive.

If you run a model and nothing happens, then it won’t get printed. If you run the model and something amazing happens, people will say it’s exciting and it’ll get picked up by the media. There’s a bias towards results that are dramatizable.

Environmental journalists? If the global warming story goes into the trash can, so does their job. The story has to get more dramatic because otherwise hardened news editors will think: “oh, it’s the same thing you reported 5 years ago.”

Catastrophic melting of the polar ice caps? Greenland was much warmer than it is just 1000 years ago. Yet there wasn’t a major meltdown event. The ice caps are always expanding and contracting, according to Professor Akasofu. This is becoming news now only because we have satellites that can now see this. People forget that ice is always moving. Falling ice in the arctic is as ordinary as falling autumn leaves. It happens every year. There’s no evidence of catastrophe due to global warming.

Just because you saw something happen to the ocean last year doesn’t mean something changed in the climate last year. In fact, that’s pretty unlikely, since it takes hundreds of years for the deep ocean to change, and then reflect that on the ocean surface.

Mosquitoes aren’t tropical; they thrive in cold temperatures. They’re extremely abundant in the arctic. In the 1920s, there was an epidemic of malaria, with about 600,000 deaths. It’s not a tropical disease. People in global warming invent scare stories that it will spread north due to warmer temperatures.

More than $4 billion a year is spent on global warming. Scientists speaking out against it are much more likely to lose. Few take a stand because it does cut into research funding. People think that these people are paid off by the oil and gas companies. But they’re not; there’s almost no private sector funding of climatology.

This is putting pressure on developing countries, suggesting that they shouldn’t develop. The UN is sponsoring a conference about global warming in developing countries. How to promote solar panels in Africa? Billions of dollars in climate science means there’s a lot of people dependent on those dollars, and they want to see that carry forward. They have a Global Warming Officer! There are a lot of people, in some way or another, dependent on it. People who dare challenge man-made global warming are vilified. If you’re skeptical about climate change, it’s like you’re a holocaust denier. Environmentalists are influential on a global level, and politicians know this.

The US government has succumbed in the past month, and now they are investigating environmental problems in the developing world. The policies being pushed are having a disasterous effect on the world’s poorest people. They also have the Precautionary Principle, and it’s used in one direction only: the risk of using fossil fuels, but not the risks of not using it. It never talks about the positives of using the energy!

500 million children die by indoor smoke because they have to burn things for fuel in developing countries. They don’t have electricity, which creates a long chain of problems. No refrigeration or modern packaging, so food can’t be kept. And there’s no hot water. The life expectancy of people living without electricity is short.

My own question. What about before electricity was widely used? Electronics are only an invention of the past couple hundred years. Humans lived long before that.

People promoting solar and wind power really like the idea of global warming. Personally, that includes me. But it’s true that they are notoriously unreliable, as the video claims. And they are a lot more expensive, too. It’s expensive for the Europeans and Americans, but for Africans, it’s about survival! This promotes the idea that the world’s poorest should be restricted to the most expensive types of energy. Saying they must use solar panels means that they can’t have electricity!

Also, there’s a romanticisation of the simple life. I agree: it’s really not that great. I love living in modern society here in California. Industrialization is really a good thing, no matter how much those people try to make it sound bad.

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  1. Another Another Another fake ice skater, you are fake too so dont talk about a fake not dissing about a disser dissing a fake dissed but the same fake as the disser not dissed by a semi disser. I do agree about Obama though. Oh and yes republicans are very annoying. FACE!

  2. Jigesh says:

    I will help u convince people global warming is fake
    I was reading another article yesterday and it said the only reason why they keep global warming going is for the money

  3. Thiarley says:

    I can´t beleave how stupid you are.
    Go to college and study.
    Global Warming is true.

    • Austin says:

      global warming is bull. Explain why North Dakota is getting record snowfalls and low temperatures this year if it is true.

      • pmac says:

        texas seems to be getting colder each year as well. but at the same time its getting warmer.

        • Oliver says:

          Because that makes sense

          • Aaron says:

            yes, what there teaching you is bull. Don’t wanna sound like a d-bag but step outside in the summer. Isn’t it cooler than last year?

    • Turd Ferguson says:

      “According to satellite data, the Earth has cooled since Gore’s film was released, Antarctic sea ice extent has grown to record levels, sea level rise has slowed, ocean temperatures have failed to warm, and more and more scientists have publicly declared their dissent from man-made climate fears as peer-reviewed studies continue to man-made counter warming fears.”

      If you actually looked at the data instead of listening to the media + politicians, you’d see it for the true BS that it is.

  4. vanessa says:

    dear Elliot what is the difference between global warming and going green and do they relate to each other

  5. serebii says:

    i just feel sorta sorry for all you people who don’t believe in GW it is probably natural, but we humans sped up the process, and be more eco-friendly just to be eco-friendly, don’t you want to live on a clean Earth?

  6. Daniel says:

    The record snow falls are no myth. i live in the middle of the mojave desert in a little town called lake la. we got up to 9 inches of snow the end of last year and i was able to make my first snowman ever and i got three days off of school. and dont try to hold up your graphs pronouncing the end of the world because figures lie and liers figure. graphs have a tendency to say and only say what the creators want.

  7. John says:

    Ok. I think that the whole myth thing about global warming is fake. I think that Global warming is real and not a myth. If global warming was fake,then the water in the ocean wouldn’t be rising one centimeter every time an ice cap melted. The polar bears wouldn’t be dying and wouldn’t be forced to form a Grolar bear. That’s right. You heard me. Grolar bear. Grolar bear is when polar bears are forced to mate grizzly bears. The ice ismelting whether you like it or not and the space for polar bears is getting less and less while you people are ranting on how its not true. Yeah, you may say that the ice always melts andall that crap, but it hasn’t yet. Its been a year since people have been talking about thison blogs from what I have seen. I have travelled to switzerland before. I went to Luzern and the mountains were right by our hotel. It was right after winter. The guides said that there used to be alot of snow there. I think that the experts of the Alps would know! There were signs put up saying that you needed to turn off motors to prevent global warming. Yeah. I think its real. And I can notice. Think about this. It isn’t fake. All of you can think what you want to. Global Warming is real. No matter what you think. Try to prove me wrong!

    • j says:

      Try to prove yourself right before asking others to prove you wrong. “the alps guy would know” isn’t very convincing. Try again.

      Because my rebuttal to you can be as easy “My alps guy said there isn’t global warming” . Bam.

    • TedM says:

      Really weak. There was a period in the past were there was even LESS of an ice cap, and yet the polar bears still made it through. Watch “The Inconvenient Truth” then view “The Great Global Warming Scandal” and tell me THEN.

      And, when you say, “Try to prove me wrong!” my answer is, “Read the article above you.”

      And another thing, fix your grammar.

  8. Jeff says:

    Global warming itself isn’t fake. There has been a mor or less continuous warming since the last glacial period, and a further slight uptick since the Little Ice Age of the 17th century. The earth’s climate is always changing slowly, seldom staying completely level for very many decades at a time. A cooling period is actually predicted for the next 30-40 years.

    What IS fake is the alarmism and exaggerated lies such as those peddled by Al Gore, et. al., which I consider to be total baloney. I sincerely doubt that the CO2 added by humans is having any large effect. We are now taught that the tiny component of CO2 in our atmosphere is a poison pollutant. Actually, we’d die without it. The amount has varied dramatically throughout the earth’s history, even during the current Holocene epoch. These variations were entirely natural, and huge compared to the amount man has disturbed it. The earth would be warming and cooling whether we were here or not.

  9. Cyrus says:

    all i can say is….everyone who posted on here that said global warming is TRUE. You have done absolutely unextensive research, and please please don’t go ask your teacher who watches fox news, msnbc religiously. Do some of your own research polar bears dying, have you fucking ever thought that they have been endangered for 20+ years? You’re letting people spin the facts. If there really was global warming do you think the government would tell us? No, hell no, why put the world in a panic embracing a real and actual problem? Why not create a problem have hidden agendas and a scheme in which to make money, and realize that there is no problem that we are just fools and all this expensive and new equipment is vital. and oh yeah wait last but not least let’s throw up a co2 tax. Please read The Fluoride Deception, Inside The Wire, BlowBack, America Freedom To Sorrows, Nemesis, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Crash Proof, A Bull Moves In Bear Markets, and check out any and every video you can of Peter Schiff and Ron Paul. Conservatism…truth…..republicans are no longer conservatists there just as bad as the democrats who want a welfare state. Global warming is false DO MORE RESEARCH WITHOUT A BIAS OPINION OR REPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS. Being “green” is ok if and only if it helps you out financially or raises the price of something, I personally am for almost everything as far as going green because it does help our environment ( even though there is no global warming) it helps you out financially so yes do what you can, but dont you dare make one single vote saying we should be taxed on co2. Investigate the fed PEACE

  10. Jamie says:

    Ok people,the globe is warming, but not because of humans. It is going through a natural cycle. The majority of scientists agree that humans are not causing the planet to heat up. There is a correlation between temperature and CO2, BUT the temperature rises, AND THEN the CO2 rises, not the other way around. If you don’t believe me, look it up. That is a fact. The reason that everyone wants you to believe in global warming is because of MONEY! What is going to happen is that the government is going to tax companies who emit CO2, so they are going to have to buy carbon credits. These companies are not going to pay the tax, they are just going to raise the cost that the consumer pays. So if the government really believed in global warming, why would they just sell these credits so that these companies who are “doing damage” can just pay money and pollute the air, and “warm our planet”. Seriously, think about it. We are among a bunch of greedy bastards and we continue to see that more and more every day. Another thing, scientists also said that during the big hype when the government initially started getting everyone all hyped up about global warming, the politicians were presented with numerous facts contradicting the idea of global warming, but they would not listen. Since everyone started freaking out about it, any scientist that tried to protest and prove that humans were not the ones causing the warming, no one listened to anything they were saying and were given hell for it!! I am not blaming democrats or republicans. BOTH agreed that we needed to do something about it, so that makes BOTH parties WRONG. What I am trying to say is that everyone should do some unbiased research done by SCIENTISTS, not the government or anyone being paid by it, before forming an opinion. And to the person who said to go to college and study, obviously that is what you need to do. And if you did, then obviously you went to a crappy school because you were not taught how to look up information. I guess you were just taught to listen to the liberal media and believe everything you hear without having the knowledge and facts to back it up.

    • bob says:

      dude your so stupid. humans are powering plants and driving cars wich ads to the co2 in the atmpshere. that heats up the planet. it gone up .8 degrees in 100 years and is expected to go up 1 degres in 30 years

      • TedM says:

        No, Bob, you are the idiot! Did anyone even READ the article, or VIEW the movie! This is so horrible! Global warming from CO2 is FAKE.

  11. John P says:

    This makes me feel ill

  12. si3001 says:

    Ok so as shown some people do doubt that we are causing global warming, however what’s the point of not doing anything even if we think that we probably are not causing it? Fossil fuels are running out anyway, so one way or another we will have to move on to renewable energy. Also what’s the point of risking 90% of the human population dying, along with mass other organism extinction? We may as well believe that we causing it, because we don’t and it turns out we are, I don’t think we’re going to like the consequences.

  13. Jupiter says:

    one day jupiter will decide it doesn’t want to block a huge meteor from hitting earth, and this will end the discussion on global warming…jupiter comfortably fits a thousand earths, and has serious climate changes, we are a part of the same universe, sleep tight….

  14. bob says:

    Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more

  15. bob says:

    “Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more” HAHAHAHA is this guy retared. the ocean produces more OXYGEN then plants do using photosimphsis. get your facts straight.

    • Chris says:


      Judging by your sentence structure, you have absolutely no right to call ANYONE retarded.

      Oh, and Jeff had the right idea up there when he talked about the globe warming naturally. If a person believes what modern science is telling them (which, many of you obviously don’t) then they’ll believe when geologists and college textbooks say that the globe warms and cools and warms again in cycles. These cycles take thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands. (I, too, need to brush up on my understanding, but I’ve got the gist of it.)

      So, basically, folks… global warming is coming and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Yes, we do have an impact, but that impact is exaggerated GREATLY and, human impact or no, it’s gonna happen sooner or later. Does anyone know when? No, not for sure.

      Of course, acceptance of this does assume you believe statements based on actual scientific examinations of earth’s long-term history. However, I get the impression that many of you are fans of the whole “6,000 year old earth; God buried dinosaur bones to test our faith” school of academics and, thus, throw the entirety of *actual science* out the window.

  16. dyllan says:

    i think global warming is gay. I think the world has a way of polluting itself and were just speeding up the proccess. I believe the Earth has a way of healing its self. So we have nothing to worry about.

  17. si3001 says:

    Yeah the earth had of course natural pollution and a natural way of countering it. This is why human made emissions is having such an impact- the earth compensates for the emissions which are naturally produced, as they have been produced for a long time, however our emissions are not compensated for and therefore are having a massive impact. Check out these links which show that the ‘Great Global Warming Swindle’ was inaccurate and misleading;

  18. TedM says:

    Hehe, I really like your notes. I’ve seen the movie, it’s amazing.

    I just have to agree that global warming is not caused by CO2.

    There are these people saying, “Oh this don’t prove nothing” or “B.S.!”

    But, if the people who say this cr*p actually WATCHED the movie, they’d see that it’s facts are straight. Most of the people complaining here were educated in school or on TV.

    It’s a real shame that in order to pass 8th grade I needed to fill in a test about how CO2 damages the environment and how it creates a greenhouse effect, etc., etc.!

    I think that people should read the other side before listening to the popular side.

  19. Davie says:

    Nolan on 3/27/2009 at 7:44 pm

    “Lol, it says global warming is natural and at the same time that it’s fake. I’m no scientist but there are subtle clues showing that site is bullshit.”

    Are you stupid…. They said natural global warming is real since climate is always changing, but they said man made + driven global warming is fake you dumbass. Learn to read douche bag, you’re bullshit.

  20. Davie says:

    bob on 3/30/2009 at 2:00 pm

    “Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more” HAHAHAHA is this guy retared. the ocean produces more OXYGEN then plants do using photosimphsis. get your facts straight.”

    LOLOLOLOL, *”yes bob this guy is “retared” and plants do use photo”simphsis”* (sarcasm) Learn to spell shit correctly first. Btw his point was just to show that the ocean absorbs CO2 in colder temps and releases it during warmer temperatures. It’s like a soda bottle, when you put one in the refrigerator it the gas (CO2) dissolves easily into the soda. When you take it out and leave it on a table the gas easily releases from the soda. SO basically the ocean releases CO2 when the temperature increases which explains how the CO2 increases because the temperature increases, not the other way around which is the bullshit lie that temperature increases because of CO2 increase.

  21. Davie says:

    To those who post “look at the graphs on Al Gore’s documentary” : Yes it does show a correct relation between CO2 and Temperature, but if you look carefully the CO2 follows the trend of the temperature, not the other way around. The temperature increases first and then later the CO2 increases, same for any decreases.

  22. Professer Mcgee says:

    are you stoned?

  23. bobby says:

    we r having a debate in my class so tht is y im on here to shut them up

  24. Kurt Stueber says:

    i BELIEVE That Global Warming is fake because all the gay and stupid energy saving retards like to hug trees.


    • Zachzor says:

      Your a idiot. They tell you to energy save so you can save more fom running out. Dumb@$$! Your all idiots. Global Waming is real.

      Co2 Cycle: You breathe out and burn Co2. Trees adsorb Co2 and throw out oxygen. When you don’t have enough Tress the and have too much Co2, the Co2 runs to the Atmosphere causing it to heat up. Therefore causing Global Warming. Know let me tell you something. What happens after massive heatwaves and sea level rises. I got two words fo what’s next to come: Ice Age 20–!

  25. Rx2150 says:

    Wont really matter if global warming is fake or not.The big companies and the politicians are coning out money from people either way, not like this is their biggest milk-cow.

    I do believe that keeping the planet clean is good for us and the nature also.
    Conserving as good as we can the species of the planet is also a good thing, keeping in mind that evolution removes some of the plant life or animal species in time without the human intervention.

    I keep also in mind that may be a hidden agenda behind scene, witch wants unlimited power bla bla bla, thus maybe the New World Order Conspiracy ideas may be truth, and all the old-farts puppeteers that involves.

    In conclusion, keep your eyes and mind open to anything that could change the world into a bad place and keep the planet clean.

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