Is Global Warming Fake?

Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I’m currently watching a video on The Great Global Warming Swindle, and it’s certainly convincing. After all, climatologists need us to believe global warming is real in order to keep getting funding for research. Otherwise, it’s not a problem, and we can go on with our economic growth.

Here are some of my notes from watching the video. I haven’t verified whether this is all true, or to what extent it’s true, but this is from the video. But it’s really fascinating, so I’ll write about it. And this would be an intriguing topic to research in the future. Of course, the global warming scam, if it is one, is what makes it interesting.

Temperature is leading CO2 by about 800 years. CO2 is following temperature changes. How can it be that a higher temperature causes more CO2?

CO2 is a gas produced by all living things. We’re all made of carbon dioxide. Humans aren’t the main source. Volcanoes, animals and bacteria, dying vegetation, and the oceans produce a lot more. The ocean has a memory of temperature changes. Here’s the video… you can play/listen to it while you look over my own notes below.

If CO2 doesn’t drive earth’s climate, what does? Look at the sky; the gigantic thing called the Sun. The origin of long-term weather forecasting is the Sun. It’s much more interesting to use sunspots to predict the weather. Sunspots are intense magnetic fields. Astronomers used to count the number of spots thinking that more spots meant warmer weather. During the little ice age, there were few sunspots visible.

There’s a close correlation between what the sun’s doing and temperature here on earth. The sun is driving changes in the climate. It also affects us indirectly through clouds. How are clouds formed?

Cosmic rays meeting water from the sea, they form water droplets, creating clouds. When the sun is stronger, fewer particles get through, and fewer clouds get formed. The climate was controlled by the clouds, controlled by cosmic rays, controlled by the sun. The intensity of its magnetic field more than doubled in the 20th century.

What causes the increase in natural disasters? Global cooling and the threat of a new ice age was the problem in the 1970s. Experts warned that extreme cold temperatures would be a terrible problem. One scientist suggested that increased carbon dioxide output by humans could help to warm the earth.

Why did this theory go away? (1) Temperatures rose and (2) the miners went on strike. Nuclear is misrepresented. Since nuclear has no carbon dioxide emissions, prove that carbon dioxide is a problem. Then, nuclear power will be really pushed over oil and coal. Mrs. Thatcher set up the IPCC which produced a report suggesting global disaster as a result of global warming. He noticed the ignorance of all scientific data up to that point, such as the emphasis on the sun.

This was also attractive to medieval environmentalists. They loved it because CO2 is clearly an industrial gas, tied in with economic growth and car transportation. Basically: civilization. There are people who think economic growth is bad, and global warming could be used to justify a whole range of myths. It’s also anti-US.

Now in the 1980s, a majority of people agreed with environmentalists. You can’t be confrontational that way. So you need to take increasingly extreme standpoints. Also, the failure of global communism meant that communists took their anti-capitalist views with them elsewhere.

It was attracting more media attention, and thus, more government funding. $170 million a year, which was reasonable.. but then it jumped to $2 billion a year, and that brought a lot of jobs and new people who otherwise weren’t interested. You have whole cadres of people whose only interest is that there is global warming. If your field is the one of concern, you have to do less work showing why you should get funding. It’s a small part of science, but funding is going into global warming and distorting its part.

Climate models are only as good as their assumptions. A bad prediction could be far worse than none at all. All models assume man-made CO2 is the main source of climate change, instead of the sun, water vapor, and clouds. The models are so exciting that you can change a subtle detail and make something exciting happen. You can model anything.

An impressive way of making a more interesting forecast is by saying there will be more manmade CO2 than there is. Climate forecasts are only proved wrong long after people have forgotten about it. Forecasters are more concerned about making a model that’s impressive.

If you run a model and nothing happens, then it won’t get printed. If you run the model and something amazing happens, people will say it’s exciting and it’ll get picked up by the media. There’s a bias towards results that are dramatizable.

Environmental journalists? If the global warming story goes into the trash can, so does their job. The story has to get more dramatic because otherwise hardened news editors will think: “oh, it’s the same thing you reported 5 years ago.”

Catastrophic melting of the polar ice caps? Greenland was much warmer than it is just 1000 years ago. Yet there wasn’t a major meltdown event. The ice caps are always expanding and contracting, according to Professor Akasofu. This is becoming news now only because we have satellites that can now see this. People forget that ice is always moving. Falling ice in the arctic is as ordinary as falling autumn leaves. It happens every year. There’s no evidence of catastrophe due to global warming.

Just because you saw something happen to the ocean last year doesn’t mean something changed in the climate last year. In fact, that’s pretty unlikely, since it takes hundreds of years for the deep ocean to change, and then reflect that on the ocean surface.

Mosquitoes aren’t tropical; they thrive in cold temperatures. They’re extremely abundant in the arctic. In the 1920s, there was an epidemic of malaria, with about 600,000 deaths. It’s not a tropical disease. People in global warming invent scare stories that it will spread north due to warmer temperatures.

More than $4 billion a year is spent on global warming. Scientists speaking out against it are much more likely to lose. Few take a stand because it does cut into research funding. People think that these people are paid off by the oil and gas companies. But they’re not; there’s almost no private sector funding of climatology.

This is putting pressure on developing countries, suggesting that they shouldn’t develop. The UN is sponsoring a conference about global warming in developing countries. How to promote solar panels in Africa? Billions of dollars in climate science means there’s a lot of people dependent on those dollars, and they want to see that carry forward. They have a Global Warming Officer! There are a lot of people, in some way or another, dependent on it. People who dare challenge man-made global warming are vilified. If you’re skeptical about climate change, it’s like you’re a holocaust denier. Environmentalists are influential on a global level, and politicians know this.

The US government has succumbed in the past month, and now they are investigating environmental problems in the developing world. The policies being pushed are having a disasterous effect on the world’s poorest people. They also have the Precautionary Principle, and it’s used in one direction only: the risk of using fossil fuels, but not the risks of not using it. It never talks about the positives of using the energy!

500 million children die by indoor smoke because they have to burn things for fuel in developing countries. They don’t have electricity, which creates a long chain of problems. No refrigeration or modern packaging, so food can’t be kept. And there’s no hot water. The life expectancy of people living without electricity is short.

My own question. What about before electricity was widely used? Electronics are only an invention of the past couple hundred years. Humans lived long before that.

People promoting solar and wind power really like the idea of global warming. Personally, that includes me. But it’s true that they are notoriously unreliable, as the video claims. And they are a lot more expensive, too. It’s expensive for the Europeans and Americans, but for Africans, it’s about survival! This promotes the idea that the world’s poorest should be restricted to the most expensive types of energy. Saying they must use solar panels means that they can’t have electricity!

Also, there’s a romanticisation of the simple life. I agree: it’s really not that great. I love living in modern society here in California. Industrialization is really a good thing, no matter how much those people try to make it sound bad.

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  1. Tess says:

    global warming is total BULL CRAP! They just want us to all freak out and turn to the government for help and then the government will control EVERYONE!

    • John says:

      your probably the biggest deucebag in the world. You should touch yourself but you probably can’t

      • Aaron says:

        no.. your just ignorant. This guy is right.

      • Alex says:

        look whos the douchebag, we live in a modern time and society, and you call someone a douchebag just because you disagree? You do REALIZE that its because of people like you that america is completely screwed up.

        P.S. go get educated

  2. Tess says:

    you guys really sound like you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about! you make no sense so I think that you should keep your facts straight! Learn what you support or whatever but for real you make no sense!!!!

    • DB says:

      We will be dead before any of this matters. Our problem as a people world wide is we fall in for the rhetoric and parrot what we hear before we ever look at the empirical data and research the truth.

      Empirical factual data (not some stupid prediction model) consistently disproves Global Warming. The Sky is not falling but the Government is about to sign Global Warming legislation illegally. The Bill was passed without full representation and is going to cost us big.

      If anyone wants a current events history lesson take a look at the former Soviet Union. They went bankrupt because of Government spending. We in the United States are right behind them. How many people speak Chinese? We owe them so much money if they foreclosed on our debt they would own our country without having to fire a single bullet.

      I don’t give a crap if a Republican or Democrat is in Office. We the people have to stop the government spending money we don’t have, or start learning a new National Anthem.

      • David says:

        yay for self centred americans who think the world lives and dies on their whim. your governments sorrows dont reflect the rest of the world, or its intents.

        heres an empirical fact. scientists for years have been stating that the earth is getting warming. its not a question of if, but why, and for how long, and how much. we could go into an ice age in the next decade, or we could burn up. the massive subterranean tension under yellowstone national park could obliterate continental united states. continents will break apart. these are all going to happen. but the thing is they’re not all going to happen in our lifetime. they might not even happen in anyones lifetime and obliterate the earth long after humans are gone.

        NASA states that the past decade WAS the hottest on record

        Research may suggest that there will be no further cooling, at least for the near future

        the thing is no one knows beyond a shadow of a doubt whats going to happen. the only real choice is whether they want to act or not.

  3. veronica says:

    Tess you sound like a roaring b word.

    Anyway . . . I guess I believe in global warming. I’ve seen “An Inconvenient Truth”, and it seems believable enough, but the things you mentioned from “The Great Global Warming Swindle” sound believable too.

    I guess the main thing is you shouldn’t form an opinion by just one single source. You have to research it and see if any of the information can be backed up.

    I have trouble comprehending what I read generally but one thing I read easily was that thing about mosquitoes being abundant in the arctic? That’s not true at all, really. I mean, some certain types of mosquitoes are capable of standing colder tempertatures, but they don’t thrive in colder temperatures. They’re better off in tropical areas.

    You know, there are some types of people who spout off their opinions in condescending ways of writing, and there are people who write out their opinions professionally, and almost gracefully. I think your post sounds a bit inbetween.

    But it’s always better to not be on the snobby side. I hate when people sound snobby.

    • Don says:


      Have you ever been to Minnesota in the summer? Have you ever seen a mosquito? Have you ever been to Minnesota in the winter? Gets pretty cold there, doesn’t it? You don’t need a tropical climate for mosquitoes.

    • bjorn says:

      the inconvenient truth had no numbers in any of its graphs so his numbers can be in parts per million

  4. Greg H says:

    CO2: is a green house gas The more CO2, the warmer the temperature. CO2 can be graphed for millions of years and is higher now than any other time in civilization’s history. Higher temperatures leads to high glacial melting and higher sea levels. Sure the planet has been hotter and colder in the distant past but that was before there ever was a New Orleans, NY, Miami…. If we don’t care about the coasts, current population distribution, food, then sure the planet will find a new equilibrium and survive but a great human cost.
    Planet warming: look at the data of glacial melting, collapse of antarctic ice shelves thousands of years old, mean global temperature that have followed 30 year old predictions, defrosting tundras.
    Suns spots have a 11 year cycle: warming has been going on for scores of years.
    Precession: a 20,000 year cycle: things have been warning a lot fasting than this. What ever data you look at that global warming is present can’t be denied except those that, like cancer and cigarettes, obesity and diabetes, are in denial.

    • Mike says:

      data of glacial melting that is thousands of years old? how accurate is that data anyways? were they using their satellites and computers to calculate this data 1000’s of years ago?

      sure more c02 equals a warmer temperature, but how strong is this impact. you do realize man made c02 has very tiny impact on the world. i can put a drop of water in my liter of soda, and i wouldn’t taste the difference…there wouldn’t be a significant change in the drink.

      global warming is just some scientist tweaking his ‘prediction model’ to prove global warming exists. wouldn’t you also agree that stakeholders who make money off of global warming have slightly biased opionions?…

    • Blake says:

      I remeber when I was younger in school I was told by my teachers not to use hairspray in an aerosal can because it would eat hole in the o-zone layer and that because of this we would have to leave all our majoy cities. Al Gore said that if we did not act quickly that in 10 years our society would be falling apart…. That was ten years ago. I think the thing that people are forgetting is that it is the “theory of Global Warming” not the “Law of Global warming”. I think there are just as many if not more experts that say global warming false than those that are convinced it is happening. For arguments sake if we do say that global warming is true, than it is a global problem. Why should we bankrupt our econimy and destroy our way of life when countires like China and India who have billions of inhabitants continue on there merry way doing whats best for there people. I personally think that in 10 to 20 years people will finally realize there being lied to, or will have a new world kiling threat on our hands. I just wonder how many times Al Gore can cry wolf before he loses his credibility.

      • David says:

        there was a huge hole in the ozone layer, its over australia, subsequently cases of melanomas have significantly increased over the years.

        the research suggests that the hole is shrinking, but it takes decades, centuries even for O3 to build up. its not some victimless crime, its real and it affects people every day. my mother had a melanoma removed as well as a significant portion of her leg.

  5. don juan says:

    you guys are idiots, global warming isn’t real….. aliens are real, sons a bitches are stealing our cows and raping fat white men in trailer parks. I wouldn’t be worried about the earth dying by man kind, I would be worried about aliens. shit those sneeky basturds. you know… I have proof but I have charge 50 bucks per person to whom ever want to see.

  6. bubba says:

    I have to research Global Warming as a social project. I think it is just a political problem. I dont believe its real but of course if i said that i didnt believe it i would get a poor grade. Therefore, making it hard for me to state my true opinion…

    • Don says:

      And this is why scientists are saying it’s real. If they said it’s fake, they would loose funding.

      • David says:

        thats not true, scientists get funding from universities regardless. people are interested in the topic, so they will get funding whatever they determine.

        as for corporate research i bet there would be big money from big business to disprove global warming so as they could stick to business as usual. saying scientists would lose funding is way off the mark.

  7. Oliver says:

    From what I’ve heard global warming sounds pretty fake. I personally believe that it was invented to keep poorer countries from develeping. But I would like some concrete proof! And shut the fuck up about aliens!

  8. Oliver says:

    You gw belivers are retards, wall these so called facts are just things you’ve neem told! The American government invented it all to stop poorer countries from developing! Ide ur minds people!

  9. RX2150 says:

    Hm, i think that the Hidden Agenda shitbrains assholes do have a plan, look at the Rockefeller fucker speech about us not having the internet.

  10. LEEAH says:

    Elliot, I enjoyed reading your blog. As for my opinion on gw, I say it’s fake. The Earth is going through normal cycles on a geographical scale. People need to remember how young we are, worry about the people starving, not, “the earth that’s going to melt and kill us all!”

  11. LEEAH says:

    PS. I don’t know why I have an angry face avitar. :-)

  12. Emma R says:

    I personally believe in global warming. Whether its just part of the earth’s cycle or not, its still happening. if global warming isn’t happening, how do you explain all the evidence that says it is?!! look around. glaciers are melting, the arctic ice is disappearing. how can you say ‘oh no thats supposed to happen. theres no global warming’. and how does global warming have anything to do with the government??!!!!! i totally get that everything in this world is about money, but just think for a minute. the government cant control the earth. they didnt make a plan and say ”i know, we’ll melt all the ice and make it look like the earth is warming up, and then we’ll charge people money to buy things that will help ‘stop’ it!” no, i dont think so.
    but anyway, the earth is heating up. it could be just part of the earths natural cycle, thats understandable. but theres lots of proof that people are contributing to that cycle. and im pretty sure were not all going to melt and die, but there could be massive consequences if and when global warming gets any worse.
    also, what i dont understand is, why do people find global warming so hard to believe? i mean, we’ve been destroying the earth for years. (dont even TRY to contradict that.) humans have cut down thousands of acres of rainforest, and ran hundreds of species to extinction. there are over 6 billion people on earth. why is it so hard to beleive that we are permanently damaging the earth with all our pollution? and why would it be bad if scientists are faking gw? if its fake, its not like its hurting anyone. it would probly benefit people because then people would learn more about the environment and help it fix all the other ways we’re killing the earth.
    I care about the earth, and all you that say gw is fake must not care enough to at least consider whats happening. boo you. XP

  13. Austin says:

    well global warming is fake if you look at the facts earth is going through a regular cycle ove warming and cooling a couple decades ago is was global cooling and now its warming and it will continue for the rest of earths life

    • David says:

      thats the thing, the earth is warming. that is fact. whether humans caused it is debatable.

  14. Luke says:


    I wanted to send a brief message in regards to the whole global warming concept. I know we feel we have heard it all, however, it is my belief that many have not done so. Since most people only know what is in the headlines of the media and special programs. There is a story, science and strong evidence showing global warming is not occurring. The best reference out of literally thousands that I can point out is the video ( and its sources. In this video Lord Monckton speaks with strong evidence and scientifically shows us the growing popular knowledge that warming is NOT evident. I will also ask everyone a quesiton… if warming “were” happening why is it that Al Gore buys property on the beach that he projects will be gone so soon? It is sadly so often that people grasp the first story and ignore another prospectives until, perhaps, a highly regarded source takes a moment to show them a new side. I was told (again) by a friend how the polar bears are dying due to global warming. I had to ask myself why I was being told this despite satellite images showing higher ice levels and polar bear counts being doubled in the past 50 years? Why haven’t we spread this knowledge as aggresive as it’s counter claims that are being proven wrong? I feel that this is important because many new decisions that will effect all of humanity are being weighed on this “global warming” scare. I think all should know the true story, I think they need to keep seeing the growing knowledge of this scam, I think a deep look into the untainted scientific facts leave no question. Further more, it brings to us a new question as to why such a scare was so willingly pushed on the publics of our nations.

    I thank you for your time.

  15. Chris Longo says:

    This is all bull shit smoke treesss
    hell yesss

  16. rob says:

    Global warming is bull shit. fuck you

  17. bob says:


  18. rob says:

    i smoke trees!

  19. David says:

    Climatologists get funding no matter what people believe because they are (generally) part of universities. I know for a fact that they write proposals, get government funding, and sure if the area is of interest they are more likely to get funding, its not going to equal so much more that they need to pull one over everyones eyes. Plus they personally have nothing to gain as they get the same pay in any case as it is under a university pay scheme.

    Is there global warming? oceans have been rising in temperature, it is less noticable on land (ie in the air) which fluctuates too much to notice over a year, 2 years, decades even centuries, but there has been a general upward trend since the industrial revolution; fact. but caused by humans; no one can be sure.

    Solar power is not that expensive, it costs about a years electricity in overhead costs but pays for itself in 5. As for being unreliable? it really is reliable. many people i know solely rely on solar energy and many more on solar hot water. yes you have to change wasteful ways, but not much. and for such a gain? i think its paying for itself

    In any case I dont think it is even the issue. Preservation of natural ecosystems, ESPECIALLY, the oceans and their biodiversity is HUGELY more pressing imho.

  20. kakakama says:

    Can’t people understand this is a lie perpetrated by powerful governments so their countries wouldn’t stop producing capital?
    First, living beings aren’t made of Carbon Dioxide, Biomolecules (Carbs, fat, proteins and some vitamines are based on Carbon and Hydrogen, not Carbon Dioxide)
    Second, Ozone is a triple moilecule of Oxigen, and Carbon Dioxide is formed both by Carbon and Oxigen, and has a very unstable cicle, if a O3, Ozone molecule, breaks thanks to sunlight (That’s the ozone cicle, the molecule separates using sunlight’s energy and reasociates after while with Oxygen atoms from other Ozone molecules) and Carbon associates with Oxigen then the molecule cycle is broken, this happens with most Carbon based highly volatile gasses. With less Ozone, more sun rays come through, causing faster and greater earth warming.
    Third, Carbon is a non conductive molecule, meaning it won’t channel energy such as light or heat but rather reflect and contain it, even if it reduces the quantity of sun rays coming inside, the lack of Ozone will render this futile, meaning the heat from earth’s near warmed up air will be pushed downright when the air goes up (As hot air is less dense, it inverts it’s place with cold air from upper layers once it is hot enought to expand and float), if the Carbon keeps reflecting the air’s heat it will stay near to the earth, interrupting the natural cycle of thermic inversion.
    Fourth, Venice and many islands are sinking, but still there’s the same quantity of water in the planet, how is this possible? Simple, North Pole’s ice is already inside water, think, what happens when you put ice inside a glass of water? The level goes up, but when the ice melts the water keeps the same level (However this does cause problems on oceanic currents), then what does it cause this places to sink? The answer is on the South pole, as most of it’s ice it’s over a layer of solid ground it isn’t in direct contact with water, so when it melts it goes into the ocean and does what the ice did when you threw it into the glass, makes the water level go up.
    The planet’s continents change because the tectonic plates move, not because water’s level rise nor decrease, the planet is perfectly suited by itself to keep these ice layers frozen, why are they melting ans sinking these places? There has to be an alteration on Earth’s normal thermal functions.
    Fifth, most developed goverments already control these undeveloped countries, some openly and some behind the shadows. When a big company owns small industries it expects them to produce gains, why would the company supress or sacrifice an industry that gives it cheap resources with profitable costs? They won’t, not until there’s no other way to get resources.

    • David says:

      why would countries try to stop producing capital?

      organisms on earth are primarily composed of proteins, vitamins are not part of our biological make up. technically water isnt either but of course both of these are necessary to sustain us.

      ozone has nothing to do with CO2, O3 breaks down due to chloro-fluro carbons (CFC’s aka aerosols) not CO2 or any other greenhouse gas.

      carbon IS a conductive element, if you did any highschool science you would have found carbon as a semi-conductor, like silicon (as in the computer component not silicone aka liquid cement)

      if you melt an icecube there IS an increase in water level, if there wasnt there would be an incomplete transfer of mass. ie where the hell did the water from the ice cube go. this is also known as the law (yes that is LAW not THEORY) of the conservation of mass. mass cannot be created or destroyed, or in this case just dissapear, the increase in water level isnt huge. but with the massive icecubes that are the north and south poles the increase would be in metres not millimetres.

      the south poles ice is hundreds of kilometres wider than the continent itself. antarctica gains something like 30-40% of its land mass from seasonal freezes and thaws of ocean water. however there is a permanent frozen area of sea ice closer to the continent itself. this ice HAS in fact been melting for one reason or another

      as for developed countries controlling undeveloped ones that is complete horseshit. americans would like to think they control things but they cant even control the middle east let alone anywhere else. they’ve more than proven that they cannot hold onto their supplier of oil. aside from that who is controlling europe? not england germany france or russia. no one can control serbs croats macedonians ect. they arent going to be controlled by anyone. asia isnt controlled by china or japan. oceania certainly isnt controlled by australia. south america doesnt answer to brazil mexico uraguay or anyone else and no one controls africa. the only place left is antarctica but i guess you’re right there. developed countries just move in and take control of all the penguins and seals. but i dont think they had a nation to start with so sorry you’re wrong again

      in fact you have been wrong on pretty much every “fact” you have proposed to us.

  21. kakakama says:

    And cold climate not a sign?
    If you think so you are stupid.
    Heat makes ice melt, and this sweet, cold water that enters directly into oceanic currents, causing barometric and thermal depressions in th seas, which are obviously the source of global climate (Storms always enter from the sea into land, not the other way arround)

  22. Andrew says:

    I think Global warming is a big hoax and the goverment is just tryng to cut people off of there jobs so they can give money to the milatary. JK!!!!

  23. Andrew says:

    I think Courtney is mean!

  24. tree man says:

    global warming is fake, water vapoer causes most of it , so we cant really fix it, so smoke trees and live life !!!!!

  25. There’s far more evidence to suggest that pot smoking causes adult onset psychosis, as demonstrated by Al Gore’s delusional poetry, than there is proof that global warming even exists. It takes an IQ greater than one’s shoe size to pen something comparable to poetry, yet in addition to his substantial carbon footprint, Al Gore stands to net billions of US dollars for his global warming scam, upon none of which will he pay taxes.

    In 1971, I first encountered the GLOBAL WARMING CULT. Terry McAuliffe was pushing the fledgling global flooding ideology out of a cleverly named unisex-clothing shop called Hang-Ups, in a converted African American Church, acquired under false pretenses and wittily christened THE ARK, on South Patrick Street, in Alexandria, Virginia. As a live music venue, THE ARK would easily eclipse New York’s already famous Fillmore East, but folded a short time later due to corrupt business practices.

    Although persuasive, the global flooding argument didn’t ring true. I knew that NASA, the military and government agencies did extensive climate research, and said as much. If global warming could melt the polar ice caps and thus cause global flooding by 1976, the alarm should come from the aforementioned sources. Perhaps not coincidentally, by 1976 the Earth’s fossil fuel deposits would also be depleted. It was a grim scenario. Terry McAuliffe, who probably named THE ARK himself, took me aside and explained, when it came to global warming; you couldn’t trust the government.

    As we know, 1976 came and went without a global catastrophe. I still had that $45-dollar pair of striped slacks just like Hillary’s. I don’t know which was worse. I never regretted being booted from the cabal (I was hardly ever in), and never expected to run into Terry or his disciples again, especially decades later in sunny California. Yet there they were on the Central Coast, whistling the same old tune with some major new variations. They’d applied the global warming hysteria to higher education. Like global warming itself, education now became a massive fraud scheme designed to enrich the GLOBAL WARMING CULT. By 1995, The Brethren Of The Coast had grown exponentially. There would be much more to manmade global warming than mere water spotting:

    ps. If you believe Bill Clinton, and like who doesn’t, now it’s supposed to get colder, before it gets warmer.

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