Motive SmartBridge

The Motive SmartBridge background task is installed with Verizon Online’s software which is included with their residential DSL service. It has an autoupdate prompt which runs at startup. I disabled it on my computer simply because I don’t know exactly what it does. Since I don’t have a use for it and anything running uses up some memory, I’ll keep it that way. Read the comments to learn about removing verizon online support center.

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  1. Steve says:

    After doing a search on ‘Motive’ on the C: drive, I found MotiveSB.exe, MotiveBrowser.exe and in the process of going into the Verizon folder saw SBUpdate.exe.

    When I want to run a test to see what happens if I disable a program, I rename it by adding and underscore and my initials or name before the ‘.exe’ (or whatever .ini .com etc) as follows ‘MotiveSB_steve.exe’. When the program is called, it isn’t found and doesn’t run. That way I can see what happens and if it’s really needed.

    If I do get problems and want to put things back as they were, I can search for ‘_Steve’ and just take out my name.

    No side effects, no problems and no error messages so far.

  2. Steve says:

    Did a search on ‘Motive’ in the C drive and found the following under the Verizon Online file… ‘MotiveSB.exe’, ‘MotiveBrowser.exe’ and while in the file found ‘SBUpdate.exe’

    When I want to disable a program with reversability, I add an underscore and my name before the ‘.exe’. (.ini, .com etc) Like this ‘MotiveSB_Steve.exe’

    This way when the program is called it is not found and doesn’t run. If I find problems I just take the underscore and name out and things are back to what they were.

    To find everything I changed I can search for _steve’ and get a list of all the names I changed.

    So far no problems, no error messages, no hassell and no side effects.

    Feedback anyone? Thanks, Steve

  3. Kevin says:

    Hello all,

    Some tips on getting rid of Netassistant & Motive. Firstly both these items DO cause every imaginable type of problem you can think of, reboots, crashes, slowed speed, error messages, inability to connect, makes connection but many web site links do not appear to work, outlook not worrking correctly, the list goes on and on. BELIEVE IT!!! It is ridiculous as these programs are supposed to help resolve problems but they are the worst written garbage programs I have ever seen.

    It is not serious spyware as some believe, looking at the log files, the info it gathers seems harmless enough but the program itself has very great powers to alter system settings and config in an attempt to fix itself or what it believes is your problem.

    I had all the above problems everyone else had but getting rid of them takes more than disabling in msconfig, this helps but you could still have an unstable system without getting rid of the programs and the million registry entries. Do a file search and delete the files & folders then use regedit and do search on registry for every instance of motive and netassistant and delete them. Have fun there is dozens of registry enteries. Reboot and enjoy your internet like you never have before. The difference is nothing short of unbelievable. (If your uncomfortable about messing with the registry get a knowledgeable friend to do it.) Your safe if you only delete things called motive or netassistant, delete the whole entry from the left pane of regedit, not the individual entrys from the right pane.

    NOTE ALSO: In some there is a Windows uninstal, if there is it doesn’t work and also In one of the netassistant or motive folders there is an uninstal exe, it appers to work but does not.


  4. Kevin says:

    PS: Zone alarm, and all the other ideas DO NOT fix your system, at best they can only help somewhat. All files must be deleted & the registry cleaned up to restore your system properly and permanently.

    please do not email me on this, I took the time to help others, I’m glad to be done with them and don’t want to hear anything else on these garbage programs.

  5. Jessica Lanier says:

    Excellent, worked like a charm! No more motive smartbridge!

  6. Jessica Lanier says:

    Caveat: Except that when I checked Task manager after disabling “motiveSB” in start up “Motive” was still running! I disabled Verizon Support in the start up configsys (or whatever-same process as described above) and Voila! no more spyware.

  7. Bill says:

    Thank you for your simple instructions on disabling Motive Smartbridge. I can’t believe that when I send the error reprot to Microsoft, their lame advice just says that they’re “working with SBC” to figure out the problem…I fixed my PC in under a minute with your help.

  8. Marco says:

    you know what I work for DSL support and I havent heard about it ever

    (te mintieron)

  9. Randy says:

    Just got my Verizon DSL a few days ago, and had been having innumerable problems with programs crashing and crazy-slow processing on my admittedly-ancient Win98SE 500mHz Pentium. Took out Smartbridge, and so far everything seems to be fixed. Thanks for the reassurance that it seems I can do without this dumb add-on. — R

  10. marion says:

    I am DELIGHTED to have found this site. For the last couple months I have had this annoying pop up” Motive SB” window which I could usually click off, but was very annoying. i had no idea what it was and could’nt find anyone who knew. Google led me to you, thank goodness.
    I noticed that every one seemed to connect this with Verizon. I just wanted to add that I have never had Verizon, but noticed this Motive SB pop up only after I installed SBC DSL. thanks SO much.

  11. Steven L says:

    I installed a new larger HD, so had to reinstall VerizonDSL. I signed up Verizon first of this last Jan. After installing XPHome I went to get updates for it. Got some and then the Motive came up. I said ok
    and then my comuter wouldn’t reboot. Had to reboot several times
    in safe mode and restore to before the updates. After the restores, the Motive reappeared. Not knowing what it was for, I did the Google and found this. Decided to remove Verizon online support, because it never gave correct information anyway and I have the Verizon PH# memorized anyway. Thanks for being here.

  12. Jessica says:

    Thanks VERY MUCH lor that info on disabling motivesb! MY dsl runs like never before! I now also now where I can go to disable programs from starting when I boot up! I have been looking for that place on my pc for what seems like forever!!


  13. Jessica says:

    ps – sorry for the really horrible typing errors. my middle finger on my left hand is in a splint, so my typing is horrible righht now.

  14. Priya says:

    Thanks for this. I have been trying to find how to get rid of this. Found through google.

  15. Denis Aubin says:

    I have disabled SmartB as suggested — this work-around shoud be posted frequently in this blog. One concern — disabling it in the Reg this way does prevent the start-up aspects — but if Vz is rotten enough to do this they are also rotten enough to quietly open it later in the process to do its dirty work anyhow. Is this a matter of concern0210???


  16. Deese says:

    Thanks Elliot! Worked like a charm, that thing has been driving me crazy for WAYYY to long. I can’t believe how simple it was.

  17. David R says:

    SmartMotive update comes on everytime I turn on the computer. I have Windows Millenium (ME). How would I shut this off. Thanks for the help. DR

  18. David R says:

    After unchecking SmartMoitive (listed twice) in msconfig, SmartMotive reappears after reboot. Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks

  19. Norman says:

    I just want to say thank you for having this web sit. That smartbridge was driving me crazy untill I decided to go on the hunt and find out what it was. That’s how I came across your site. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  20. Val says:

    I was reading the posts here about Motive SB and was wondering if I can remove “Verizon online support” and “Verizon Online” from my ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS list? Or will that screw up my DSL connections?
    Thanks, Val

  21. Shirley says:

    This Motivr Smartbridge update notice comes up every time I boot up my computer. I don’t want it. How can I get rid of it?

  22. figueroals says:

    first, go to add remove programs and remove verizon online center.

    then , go to
    >my computer
    >click on “c” hard drive
    >click on program files folder
    >click on verizon online folder
    >click on support center file (which should be empty)

    now you are free at last !!!
    it worked for me…
    good luck and goodbye…

    let me know if it worked for you…

  23. Lycra Moose says:

    I found this little gem on the SmartBridge site.



    SMARTBridge is committed to protecting the interests and identity of its clients. Hence, we do not publish our client list on our web site.

    … but not necessarily committed to protecting the indentity of their clients customers …

    However .. before removing the Verizon SmartBridge installation, I would read the “ChorusHelp.chm” help file lurking in the guts of the beast somewhere. Use ‘Search’ to find it.

    It says that:

    “Motive Chorus is the out-of-the-box Motive-powered client interface that enables end users to run automatic hardware or software problem diagnostics and repairs on their own computers, access resource content to research problems, or submit problems to analysts who can help them resolve problems. Motive Chorus can connect you to an analyst over the Internet or through your company’s intranet so you can submit a request for help with a hardware or software problem on your system.

    In any case, it is a Verizon customization of the SmartBridge toolkit, so it up to Verizon see our privacy is protected. etc. On other words, they are responsible for how it is being used and not SmartBrdige.

    Unless I catch it red handed doing something wicked, I wouldn’t delete mine, not until I understanding what it s doing.

    I’ve caught it contacting Yahoo on the sly, but so far that’s a venal and not a mortal sin. ;-)

    – Lycra

  24. Gregg says:

    I removed the MotiveSB from start up without any problems and and checked the box to get rid of the other message now no more Motive SmartBridge message Thanks..

  25. Beverly says:

    I’m always late. Verizon DSL just came to PARTS of the Eastern Shore of MD in Dec. Got my first SmartB message. What a surprise to find what it is and how to disable it on Google and FREE.

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