T-Mobile’s Insecure Website

Try this link. You can put your own text on T-Mobile’s site. Perhaps you can even get it to run arbitrary code.


(Update: they’ve fixed it, maybe because I pointed it out =) No harm done.)

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  1. Eric Metz says:

    I would have liked to have posted my following letter on their webpage, if they had not repaired their code.
    Dear Ms. Susan Nokes, Chief Customer and Operations Officer, T-Mobile,
    I am sure that you recognize T-Mobile does not always provide a dropped-call-free service. Because of this, customer service is important.
    I have been a customer of T-Mobile for many years longer than my account shows, 5 years. I have had to speak with customer service personnel in the past to request credit for dropped calls and my having had to reconnect which has resulted in additional minute charges to my account.
    Today, the customer service personnel were mis-interpreting T-Mobile policy attempting to tell me that credit is not given when calls are dropped unless they are dropped within one or two minutes of FIRST having initiated the original call. By that I mean, I was told that T-Mobile’s credit policy is different if the call drops one minute after making connection or if the call is dropped thirty minutes of having made the connection. This makes no sense at all. If a call is dropped, the call is dropped.
    T-Mobile’s credit policy should allow for crediting back the time required to re-establish the connection. In the past, I have received credit of one minute for re-establishing connection if my second call was made within three minutes of the first call being dropped.
    Now, Sara (T-Mobile employee ID 8474274), a supervisor, refused to provide credit for having had to reconnect unless the first call had been dropped within two minutes of having been made. Sara refused to let me speak with her supervisor or any other supervisor to resolve this matter. I informed her that I wanted to resolve the matter at that time (since I had already spent a considerable amount of my time on the phone with the customer service department, about twenty minutes. I was flatly told that there was no supervisor available for me to talk with which I could not believe as truthful. I received the clear impression that she merely wanted to brush me off and hope I would go away.
    I am entitled to credit for dropped calls. If T-Mobile refuses to do so due to its poor telephone service, then I should be allowed to cancel my contract with T-Mobile without penalty to me. Would you be willing to provide such authorization?
    All I ask for is that you ensure your personnel properly know and apply crediting policy and that I be credited for my dropped calls.
    I am very dissatissfied with the customer service I received today. It appears that T-Mobile is penny-wise-and-pound-foolish when it comes to crediting minutes for customer complaints. I wanted you to know that I attempted to telephone the executive offices and the switchboard operators would not put my calls through as they related to a complaint.
    Eric Metz

  2. T-Mobile says:

    thanks for sharing

  3. Brittney Thomas says:

    I can not stand tmobile. They will not give me credit for money that has clearly been taking out of my account to pay a tmobile phone bill, in which i have all the proof from my bank. My bank only refunds you for 60 days, the fruad was committed for 6 months, and tmobile refuses to pay me back and or credit my account. I am so ready to band together with all the dissaisifed customers of tmobile and do something about their horrible service/policys

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