T-Mobile’s Insecure Website

Try this link. You can put your own text on T-Mobile’s site. Perhaps you can even get it to run arbitrary code.


(Update: they’ve fixed it, maybe because I pointed it out =) No harm done.)

28 Responses to “T-Mobile’s Insecure Website”

  1. T MOBILE SUCKS says:

    T-Mobile SUCKS! I will never ever in million years do business with them under any circumstances.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have t mobile works fine for me verizon sucks

  3. JT says:

    Yeah ! What he said. Kinda , googled “HP remanufactured crap” and this blog was first on list, definitely confirmed my suspicions, just received HP digital camera today to replace original faulty camera, as soon as I took it out of the box I knew it was REMANUFACTURED ( scuff marks- scratches on front around lens) . Then I turned it on (another clue) lens driver in camera sounded weak, my camera’s lens zoomed in and out with more of a higher pitched fast sound, the camera they sent to replace had a lower pitched and slower sounding motor. Very dissapointed, HP trying to get over on not only me but THE WORLD ! Don’t get me wrong I’m not that stupid, I’m SURE lot’s if not all of the OTHER companies do the same thing. This is were the consumer comes in JUST SAY NO !!! Oh yeah, don’t get me started on the foriegn call centers! THE END!

  4. calvin says:

    n e way im gettin really pissed at tmobile . its so annoying they give shitty service , and they act luike they dont evn give a damn about ya i called and a lady picked up ad i guess she didnt realize she had answered my call and she was on her damn cell fone tlkin 2 her husband i guess she called him a honey bumpkin wut evr tha hell tht means , i swear they need 2 tighten up bifg tim e, i gotta sidekick 2 and a chinese lady had 2 help me with tha service she was like: u lie ta chain ur emai adres. i was like duhhh so thts tha scoop n e way im out!!

  5. Ann says:

    T-mobile is HORRIBLE! I did not renew my plan and moved numbers to Verison. T-mobile kept a 3rd number in service and now wants over $200. Even turned me over to collections! WARNING! Stay away from this company. The reps are rude, coverage is awful, and trying to resolve a problem is futile. Overall, the company is deceitful, not reputable, and I think it falsely advertises & abuses its customers. A T-mobile customer must check EVERY phone charge – it will overcharge and sneak-in charges if you don’t watch and remain alert. They are thieves!

  6. JimG says:

    You are right T-Mobile does stink, there is only two services in my area Alltel and Tmobile and I cannot call out or receive where I live, their response to bad we do not guarantee coverage. What! you sold me a plan and told me I had coverage now I am stuck and by the way my daughter has Verizon and gets terrific reception here what gives? Well what do you expect for a German owned company ripping off us Americans.

  7. RM says:

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH T-MOBILE. I signed up with them for cheap minutes. Then I recieved a defective phone from them. They suggested sending me out a new phone. I put the old phone in the box, put the sticker on and sent it on its way. They never got it, so now they cancelled my service until I cough up $468 for the new phone. Part of me can understand some kind of compensation, but I could harldy make calls on the old phone. The new phone is only slightly better. but they way they do business SUCKS. AVOID T-MOBILE AT ALL COSTS!!

    At least with Verizon they would have helped me out a little with payments but still kept service.

  8. Dark_Style says:

    I luv the tmoble lady’s ass though.

  9. blakely says:

    Yea I work there. They let us work all month long. LONG HOURS

  10. blakely says:

    no breaks and 100 degree temps
    its just wrong. They came out on the last day of the mnth and said SORRY but we capped your commissions.. THEY SCREWED THEIR EMPLOYEES BIG TIME
    Right after the biggest natural disaster in Gulf Coast History
    wish i had a good lawyer

  11. Nitabg says:

    After reading different posts about T-Mobile (the carrier that I am battling with) as well as just about every other carrier, I have decided no carrier is flawless. They lock you into 2 year contracts and then lie to you about just about everything because THEY CAN! You can either pay up (the bill or the termination fee) or shut up as far as they are concerned. Today I contacted a reporter at my local newspaper and asked him to research cell phone carriers and their practices. I think if more local newspapers do the same, it is bound to made larger headlines. So do the same! Let someone who knows how to obtain information and present it to the public do the work. The more people read about these deceptive practices, the more people will ask the right questions of their carriers and become totally informed instead of being misinformed – basically lied to. And sooner or later all carriers will have to come clean. I have to believe there is more I can do than spend my time on the phone trying to resolve billing issues or phone problems. Call your local newspaper; write a letter to the editor. But get the information out there. My next step is to contact my attorney general. This whole thing is ridiculous!

  12. Ry says:

    T Mobile advertises they get high marks from independent rating agencies for customer service like J.D.Power. After battling with them on a $500 Palm phone that was defective from day one; known to be defective by them and everyone else but me. I learned a technique that they use called “learned helplessness.” They put a smile on their face on the other end of their help lines, make you do all the work knowing full well the problem you have as a customer is real but hope that by stonewalling you you will just learn to give up. I was with them for 4 years and never really had any problems until this one, but the way they treated me, after having their most expensive service plans and never paying late, makes me think they just don’t care and have a company policy to ‘wear their customers out.” Either way, i am now with Cingular and although coverage may not to be as good, at least they have not been assholes. Not only do i not have any faith in T Mobile, but as far as I am concerned, J.D. Power is a bunch of hype.

  13. vee says:

    T-mobile customer service is full of jerks. Watch before you sign up…their plan is full of traps!

  14. Chief says:

    wow ,i have learned tricks in dealing with these guys ,first i always pay late and over pay by a buck or two
    then when ever i talk to them i am real polite and ask them to please leave a nice comment.
    these guys are the best , i dont have mch troublr with them after reading some of the training manuls for there employes. lots of luck with corparte america .
    Chief Bill

  15. Meridia says:

    I’m a new CSR for T-Mobile. The pay is good, the job is horrible. I get at least five escalated/extremely irate calls each eight hour shift. I’m going to find another job as soon as I can. I don’t blame people for hating T-Mobile. It sucks.

  16. Aimee says:

    I’m responding to the t-mobile lover. Lovely thought. But, they aren’t a mom and pop shop…they are a ruthless big business out for their only sustenance…$$$$. Beware t-mobile users…you may be charged for services that don’t even apply for your phone. The kicker…t-mobile recommends the services! They cheat people out of $$$$ month after month for services people may not even be able to use. I recently found out after months of calls to customer support and tech support with questions to why my phone had not been working properly. I received excuses like: “You need to contact Motorola to set up your phone, not t-mobile”, “you’re not getting internet because of the hurricane that recently hit”, or “you can’t set up email because your email provider doesn’t accommodate the functionality”…to no avail. No solution was made….until I called a tech support who informed me that I was actually paying a service that isn’t compatible for my phone! Then, just to kick me in the face…after months of frustrations…I would not be getting reimbursement for their mistake…and I would have to suck it up. Not a Mom and Pop….indeed. Where is there sense of fairness? Or sincerity? In the end: WHATEVER YOU DO…DON’T USE T-MOBILE…they’ll screw you out of every penny you’ve got.

  17. Mike says:

    T-Mobiloe user beware. I took a trip to mexico last year, and suck-mobile uses a vender for international coverage named moviestar.My rep stated that apon arrival in mexico my phone would auotmaticaly switch over to a international phone carrier. This did not happen and i was able to phone customer support after burning up a substantional amount of time on the phone waiting for the right tech some one with t-mobiloe that would help me i finally was walked through the process of manually switching the phone over to this international carrier (movie star). well then the carrier moviestar sends me a message with a new number to access my voice mail. the number dials to a computer generated operator in the mexican language that tells me the number i have reached is not avilable. remember every number i call moviestar will get a portion of my money so with that stated i now proceed to call movie stars help number another number sent via message to my phone I also am unsusseful in reaching some one with this number to try to explain why im unable to access my voice mail. My only other option now is to call suck-mobile to find out why im not able to access. so I call suck-moblie and im put on hold for 30 minutues waiting for customer support,i try to call again time after time there is no customer support , This process is happening over days and is frustrating my vacation. when you call t-mobile customer support there is promp for whether you have blue tooth phone I dont have this set up but say that i do in hopes maybe i can reach someone that can help me so i can find out how to access my voice mail I finally get through but am rerouted because im not blue tooth registered waiting again for customer support for 30 minutes with no response i give up. Time after time there is no customer support
    upon returning from my vacation I call suck-mobile to complain about there lousy customer support for international travelors. lo and behold all of these problems fall on moviestar. now to finalize ive got phone charges on billing for accessing my voice mail which I never was able to access with those phoney numbers bottom line do not go with t-mobile they are crooks and with movie star tthey will sap every penny you have while you are trying to resolve there failures. Im currently fighting with them over this situation. I have had coverage area issues with t-mobile that also has been a painful dealing experiece. come this September im dumping them. foriegn traveler or home user beware.

  18. Steph says:

    I just signed up with Tmobile as of 2/22/06 (BIG MISTAKE OBVIOUSLY) And I am ready to scream at the top of my lungs I HATE T MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t access the infamous mytmobile.com website because it keeps telling me there is an unexpected error and sorry for the inconveinence! I’ve called numerous times to inquire about why I can’t access this. Then they tell me it’s happening nation wide but they are working on it but can’t give an ETA. WTF??? Get it straight, I am expected to pay you money but you can’t provide for me? I think I am going to turn around and send this phone right back. Screw a termination fee! It’s just not worth it. I signed up for caller tunes but Can’t access any on their site, I can’t view anything under mytmobile.
    WHAT A FREAKIN’ JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Marsy says:

    Where to start? Well…T-Mobile is by far the most illegitimate, unscrupulous and illegally run operation I’ve ever encountered. We have four phones under a shared 1600 minute plan. One of the phones has a monthly $14.99 surcharge for unlimited text/instant messaging. Fine. But, our December 2005 billing came in an 8 1/2×11″ envelope at a whopping total of $1086, !?!?!wtf!?!?!?

    They had charged us $0.35 as used minutes for every single text/instant message on that phone. On top of that, because each was charged as a minute–they chewed through the 1600 minutes and charged all phones for minutes over the 1600 limit.

    It took several weeks, calls and emails to at least six different T-Mobile customer support “specialists” and their business care email address to get the problem resolved. Each call ended in the following. “We are going to give this to our offline billing department…we’ll get back to you within one week.” Finally we got the fictitious charges cancelled from the bill.

    January’s bill comes–and they have done the same thing again, with the same phone, with the same outcome–a bill of $966.02. Same s**t new day. Again with the repeated phone calls, repeated run around, repeated, wasted time. Finally, again we get the bill credited for the fictitious charges.

    February’s bill comes–and they have done the same thing AGAIN, with the SAME phone, with the SAME outcome–a bill of over $680. We haven’t started round three, but I am convinced now that our only recourse is through the courts, binding arbitration or…

    Having scoured the terms and conditions agreement, it is clear to me that the only way to get billing disputes logged with them and potentially resolved is in writing to the address listed in section 2 of the Terms and Conditions. Write about any illegitimate, illegal or fictitious charges on your bill to this address:

    Customer Relations
    P.O. Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

    You should understand that you can also take T-Mobile to small claims court for any illegal, illegitimate or fictitious charges. This may be your only protection if they unilaterally decide to hand your bill over to a collection agency for a new set of hounds to ruin your life. In our case, they have dealt with us in “bad faith” at every turn.

    If (when) you are unable to get a result from their customer relations, you must “serve” T-Mobile by sending all paperwork and a description of your complaint to this address:

    Corporation Services Company
    1010 SE Union Ave. SE
    Olympia, WA 98501

    Then you can contact the–American Arbitration Association for a disposition. Their phone number and web site are:
    800-778-7879 http://www.adr.org

    Our contract with these thieves ends on March 29, 2006—Independence day, Bastille Day or whatever you want to call it. With every breath I spend talking about cell service providers I promise to utter “Death to T-Mobile” each and every time for every waking day of the rest of my life.


  20. John Doe says:

    Here is what you should do…It sounds like a system error in the billing…First you have the 1600 Min Family plan for 99.99 right? Well T-Mobile now has a 2000 Min Family Plan for 99.99, switch to that plan as it will protect ur minutes for you,,,next you said that you pay 14.99 for unlimited text messages on one phone…T-Mobile just came out with a 9.99 Unlimited text messages which covers all phones on the family plan…so resolution is pay 5.00 less per month and if text keep being billed as minutes you may want to try switching the phone number but be aware there may be 15.00 charge for changing a phone number so tell them you are changing the umber to avoid harrassing phone calls to avoid this charge.

  21. Mack says:

    I also am unhappy with T-Mobile. I had Sprint and wasn’t pleased with their coverage so switched to T-Mobile with no roaming charges. They forgot to tell me that 90% of the time you are out of their area you have no-service….. So Roaming charges are not an issue.

    Also I get a lot of “network Busy” when trying to make a call when I do have some signal. Their coverage map shows I should be able to make calls from my home, but may have to be outside. Most of the time, even outside I have no signal – so their coverage map is optimistic.

    Even when I get a signal and make a call, it’s not unusual to have it dropped, and when I sometimes have two bars, the conversation is not intelligible.
    And a lot of times their echo suppressor does not work so I hear myself talking. All in all not a carrier class service provider. They should be sued by all users.

    Friends who have ATT in this area have no problmes.

    Also when in Louisiana, where their coverage map shows I should be able to make a call, I have no signal at all.

    Am stuck with them for another year unless I pay to get out of the contract. In my experience, their advertised coverage maps are very optimistic and sometimes outright wrong.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow, all you guys need to get a life, don’t you guys have anything better to do than b%#*$ & moan about T-Mobile. The time u just wasted talking about the service you should be mad at yourself NEWS FLASH your the ones who are using the phones & making the bill high, ur all dumb a—- GET A LIFE

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well, being a T-Mobile employee here in The Meridian Call Center I can certainly tell you that our biggest challenge are the jackasses that we have on our senior management team. Our phones and rate plans are wonderful and our customer service is tops in the industry. This site has a cult atmosphere with mormons running this place. .

  24. Richard says:

    Words cannot describe the disdain I have for the lying thieves at T-mobile. I was lied to to get me to change from my old ATT service which was out of contract $69.00/month for 2 lines FREE incoming and 1200 minutes anytime with free calls on weekends and after 8:00PM. I was baited by T-mobile to switch because Cingular bought out ATT. Froze the plan and wanted me to sign u for a two year contract at a higher rate with less minutes just to be able to get my teenage son added to the plan.
    The SOB’s at T-mobile sold me a plan they claimed to be the same as what I had except free calls started at 9:00 PM. I told my teenager he could receive calls but not call out during peak time.
    My first T-Mobile bill was $963.00 and they refused to offer any relief. Infact they wanted payment in full by the due date or it would be turned off and I would be sent another bill for $800.00 to cancelthe lines. They lied about unlocking the phones. They argued that I should know incoming calls would be charged against my minutes and it wasn’t the idiot salesman’s fault he didn’t know I had free incoming on my old ATT plan. They sent me a survey where I trashed them and got a call from “Customer Service” I explained why I was unhappy and the girl said she could get $800 of the first bill credited back. 3 months lated they called me back and said FU were not giving anything back. I don’t use the phone yet my bills come in over $100/month while my old ATT was $70 and I used the phone without worry. I was in Chile last week and turned on the phone to use as an alarm clock and it rang with voice mail notices. I did’n answer but still got wacked with a $6 charge for the unanswered ring. After we take care of Al Queida the next target needs to be these thieving cell phone companies like T-mobile. Their un-ethical busness practices are the subject of their “humerous TV ads” it would be funny if it were not true. 15 months and counting.

  25. worst website I've ever used says:

    Can you say “horrible website”? Good, because that’s exactly what it is…the most horrible consumer website I’ve ever experienced. There are errors I’ve never even seen before in my 11 yrs of technology. No matter what day, month or year I use the website, I *always* encounter an error or “system down” page. Joy.

    But hey…the part of the website where you sign up for their sh*tty service works like a champ! Figures…

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