Popup Blocker may be Preventing Gmail from Opening the Page

I’ve finally solved the problem of:

“Grr! A popup blocker may be preventing Gmail from opening the page. If you have a popup blocker, try disabling it to open the window.”

The problem for me was Norton Internet Security / Symantec Client Firewall. Although you might not think it, this program includes an ad blocker and popup blocker, and doesn’t warn you when it blocks ads. (Same with network connections it blocks.)

Even when you right-click its icon and choose Disable, it might still block popups. Open the System Status window, click Ad Blocking, and then choose Turn Off. You’ll need to refresh the page for changes to take effect. You might be able to further configure Ad Blocking to your tastes by choosing Configure.

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  1. hare krishna money says:

    Hi! It is really a nuisance to see the popup blocker blocking opening the web sites or important info. Kindly help us to sort out this problem When we spoke to Google they said they are looking into this problem. But alas, so far no results seen. We are finding difficulty in opening various important meical pages because of this fault

    Thanks if anyone can help us

    hare krishna money

    • steve says:

      on the file you are using try right clicking and hit the print function from there. If you do not use gmails button it should print fine.

  2. Raj says:

    I didn’t understood how to disable the popup blocker?? And where is the popup blocker window please help me in this asap….

  3. Moalem says:

    I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME. I AM BEGGING YOU.

  4. Maks says:

    I am also having this problem. Please let me know how to disable pop up blocker in gmail or in my PC. Thanks in advance.

  5. luis says:

    i cant disable pop up blocker im having the same problem please help

  6. Sean says:

    Check your Anti-Virus , some Anti-viruses have built in popup-blockers, I had the same issue and once I disabled it all was fin.

    • Jim says:

      Read other people’s comments before posting something stupid. GMAIL is blocking popups, even when it the popup blocker is off in the browser and not being caused by Norton or other Antivirus program.

  7. ROHIT says:

    i hav not…….. find any result any where in system properties. plz . help me…… i m suffering from ths prob, from long tme.

  8. Praveena says:

    friends use google chrome instead of internet explorer then everything will be fine

  9. Jeremy says:

    Solution is simple folks. Switch to FF or Chrome. If you have to use IE, turn off its native popup blocker or add mail.google.com to exclusions list. If it still occurs, check if you have yahoo or google toolbars enabled, these have their own popup blockers – if so disable them or again add mail.google.com to exclusions.

    • Jim says:

      Using IE, turned off native blocker long ago, not running any toolbars at all, and this issue persists. It is clearly coming from Gmail itself.

  10. heera sakat says:

    i want summit my resum butnot open the page

  11. Jintu says:

    Sometimes when one of the keys is stuck up you will see this warning. Try checking your keyboard…esp. the shift key. :)

  12. Michael Gorzik says:

    Here is the fix


  13. ASmartBomber says:

    Quite possibly the dumbest replies ever. If you can’t help, don’t bother.

  14. David says:

    Got frustrated clicking on “open here” links just to have the “GGggrrrrr” thingie pop up.
    Have been right clicking on whatever & “open in new tab”. Works every time

  15. kothaprasad says:

    I am also having this problem. Please let me know how to disable pop up blocker in gmail or in my PC. Thanks in advance.please disable my gmail id

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