Virus Project

I had a dream and it went something like this..

Imagine the world’s top ten hackers, crackers, and programmers gathered together to work as one team for one purpose: the creation of the world’s deadliest computer virus.

The International Virus Project Convention is an event that is doing just that.

With all of the world’s greatest technically-oriented minds, the convention is certain to be a success. For 48 straight hours, this team will have only one task: to create the virus to end all viruses, the ultimate virus that, if defeated, would mean the destruction of all virus threats.

This is no small feat. The virus will encompass all of the latest proven concepts, security issues, flaws, and vulnerabilities, weaknesses, human nature, social influence, theories and practical applications. It will have artificial intelligence, it will grow, expand, learn, and evolve. It will hunt and destroy other viruses. It will hide under and work with mainstream applications as well as obscure ones. It will think for itself. It will truly be the virus to end all viruses.

There is one condition. The virus shall not leave the Convention. If released, it would mean destruction and chaos across all computer networks across the globe. Thus, security is an utmost concern, as it so often is..

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