Air Filter, Windshield Wiper, Aaron, James, and Clue

I woke up this morning at about 10:30 am. Audrey went to a friend’s house, and she’s staying there overnight. I had lasagna and garlic bread for lunch, and my dad cleaned out the garage. I took this morning’s time to change the air filter in my ’95 Tercel. I thought the old one looked very dirty, but my dad said it wasn’t bad: he’s seen dirtier. It took me awhile because I do these things carefully and precisely, especially since it’s my first time. Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll wash the battery contacts. They’re rather dirty.

I changed the driver’s side windshield wiper, but I had only bought one, so the passenger’s side will have to come later. I used it once today, and I must say, the new one is dramatically better than the old one. It wasn’t raining, but I used the spray function while I was on the road. I need to fill up on fuel tomorrow. I was running near empty. I drove to Aaron’s house and picked up James on the way back. Aaron and James are good friends now. Aaron brought a game he received for Christmas from Dennis, I think. It’s Clue, vintage. Fun game. We played twice; I won both times. Good luck, really. With a little bit of strategy thrown in. I want to play again. Maybe it’s because I won. I’m really quite competitive at times. And it seems, the more competitive I’m being, the more often I win. I could be really shrewd and win almost every game. But that’s no fun. I need to learn how to lean back and take it easy. As it is, I do everything very accurately, and triple check things to make sure I get them right. I even do this during games like Clue and Risk, games where things should be fun. Maybe I make them more intense than they should be.

Aaron showed me a Star Wars card game like Magic TG. It was cool. We watched Madagascar during dinner which Amy borrowed from her friend. That was fun. I love the Penguins too. They know Linux. Especially the Private. and Kawalski (something like that). Sushi is good. Anyway, as the day wound down, I found that I didn’t get a chance to exchange the Microsoft Cordless Desktop 6000. Staples said they didn’t have it. I’ll call Best Buy tomorrow and drive over if they do. I can use a gift card to make up the difference, if necessary. Logitech has a promotion running for their Wireless Desktop MX3100. But it’s not valid at Staples or Best Buy. Mainly online outlets like and, I think. Newegg too. I played Albatross18 with Amy.

I don’t know where my cell phone is and I’ll have to think about it and look for it tomorrow. Last I can remember… last night is a blur. That’s why I need to blog these things. or else I simply don’t remember. We watched… National Treasure. Before that… I went to the solar car meeting. I definitely had my cell phone there. I came home and Audrey came back an hour later. So I don’t think I lost it outside, although it’s possible. It’s most likely somewhere in the house. I should just make a habit of charging it every night.

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  1. cal says:

    hey thanks for commenting- i’ll leave another comment on your latest post to explain how i found your site.

    windshield wipers are absolutely necessary and should be changed the very second it seems to be wearing out =) air filters on the other hand, if its a paper one, you can take that thing out, beat it on the ground a couple times like a carpet rug and put it back in to save some money =E

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