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David Skul, Internet Entreprenuer [sic] is a comment spammer. He left a comment on my ‘Chinese inventions’ post, with links to his own sites. His comment was called ‘Inventing Something get a Patent’, an article that has been published on at least 10 other pages on the web. His spelling is comical. Not only did he misspell entrepreneur in his site’s title, but also in the header graphic for a course he appears to teach called CWB 130, “Intro to Web Ediating [sic] Tools”. Nice try, David. :)

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  1. Milhouse says:

    I just came across him today, when he posted the same comment to my blog. To a post from way back in August, about Cindy Sheehan, titled “Mother of Inventions”! He must just be searching for the word “inventions”, thinking that his piece will be considered relevant to such a post. Where can I find out more about him?

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Milhouse, how did you find my blog? Yes, I suspect that’s what he’s doing. I’ve already linked to his site; I think, as a comment spammer, he deserves no more recognition than that. =)

  3. Milhouse says:

    I searched blogger for “spam” and “skul”, and your post came up. Surprisingly, not much else came up, though. I think he’s just recently started his scummy little business.

  4. barcelona says:

    I am familiar with this individual, and I am sorry to tell you that I was conned into falling for an internet scam perpetrated by him. He takes money under the guise of providing links to websites in order to improve their web positioning.

    However, he basically just keeps the money and puts up a few spam articles such as those which you mention. Even given that he uses this underhand method rather than creating genuine links on partner websites as promosed, he only set up less than 2% of the links I paid him for.

    I have been contacted by 7 (at the time of writing) other people to whom he has dne the same.

    When questioned he became increasingly hostile. Legal proceedings are under way.

    He makes some nauseatingly self-regarding and holier-than-though comments about his own claimed religiosity, made all the more unappetising when it is considered that is engaged in fraud and spamming.

  5. Mack says:

    He just did this at another forum I frequent, which linked to this article for reference.

    My take on it is that if someone has a service or product that is worthwhile they wouldn’t have to use forum spamming as a way to get the word out. If it is great, people will comment about it or write about it. Word of mouth works well.

    It’s unfortunate for him that word of mouth it also works well in letting people know about bad products and services, or shady advertisement practices.

    What do you think about someone spouting claims of superior intelligence and marketing skills and yet doesn’t know the negative affect of forum spamming? That’s not someone I’d ever do business with.

    Good luck to you David, you’ll need it. It’s going to be tough making a living whilst you run around cutting your own throat.

  6. One Way Link says:

    What forum are you talking about?

  7. Satisfied Customer says:

    Since this blog is a place that talks about David Skul and LinkAcquire, I would just like to say how pleased I was with David’s services. He was professional and very accessible. He also was very successful in making my sites go to the very top of the search engines. He is the best in the business and his tactics really work. He does not spam and fired the people that were responsible for the posting at this blog. I asked him about this blog post before I hired him and David told me that he was at fault personally for hiring the team that spammed this blog and a few others before he fired them. He went on to tell me what tactics he used in his campaigns and none of them involved spammming or other ethically questionable tactics. I was impressed by his honesty so I hired him and was very pleased with his services and tactics. The guy is great at what he does. Plain and simple.


    PS: I have contacted 50 of my closest friends that also used David’s services to post on this blog so that the truth can be know.

  8. Another Satisfied Customer says:

    Hello. My name is Molly Rogers and I am still a client of David Skul and LinkAcquire. I am currently number one for all of the search terms that David has worked on for my group of sites. We have 347 sites in all. David is so good at what he does in fact that a few of my sites have no other competition besides themselves. David has always been very professional when dealing with me and my company and has NEVER spammed anyone during my campaigns. In fact, it was just the opposite. My sites got so popular so quickly that I became the target of spammers on my blogs. I would reccomend David and LinkAcquire to anyone that wants to be number one in the search engines for their search terms. David is both honest and forthright in his business dealings. Take my advice David and LinkAcquire are the tops and come highly reccomended by me and others.


    Molly Rogers
    Pacific Site Group, LLC

  9. David Skul and LinkAcquire are Great says:

    When I heard htat David and LinkAcquire had been bad mouthed on this blog I cam right over to talk about how great of a job they did for my company. David was both knowledgable and professional when we dealt with him. LinkAcquire did everything they promised and left us wanting more. We are still huge clients of David’s and we make a point of telling others in the industry about him as well. If you want to be #1 in Google or any other search engine David is your man and LinkAcquire is the company to choose.


  10. David Skul is not a spammer says:

    When I first heard that this rumor of David Skul being a spammer and a fraud was circulating I laughed out loud. David has been our linking expert for over a year now and we spend nearly $10,000 monthly with him. Why? Because the guy gives great results pure and simple. It looks like the people that entered the information in this blog accusing David of fraud are either stupid and do not know how to measure results or they are just plain frauds. I can understand being mad about having your blog spammed but David did apologize and the alledged spam was removed. If people took a minute to get to know David they would find an honest and super inteligent person that knows what he is talking about.

    Mike Simms

  11. David Skul is a Linking Master says:

    David Skul is one of our greatest corporate assetts. He is always very professional and he is way to good at what he does. We have invested over $75k with David and to date have turned around $350k as a result of his work. Anyone posting about David the way these few individuals critisizing him are do not know the David Skul I know. David is the linking master in my opinion and those do not know him should hurry and get to know him. Maybe then you will have less time to write negative blog postings and more time devoted to making money with your websites.

    Thomas Maes

  12. David Skul is a True Internet Entrepreneur says:

    My name is Milly Barker and I am one of David Skul’s many happy and fruitful customers. David has always been against spamming or using off topic web sites for links to my sites and I know that he preaches this ethic every where he goes. I recently met David while on vacation in Mexico. He was on the beach getting some sun when I was talking to my husband about making money on the internet. Out of the blue David pops up and gives my husband and I a crash course that lasted at least four hours. When we tried to compensate him for his time he just told us to pass our knowledge and success to the next person that we meet that needed help. David was kind enough to continue tutoring us for free until we got our sites launched and then we contracted with him for linking campaigns and article writing. David was very professional and never spammed anyone during our campaigns. In fact, our sites became so well received that we have won three awards for our (David’s) marketing ethics. David is a great guy and a true internet entrepreneur and anyone who says different is either ignorant or just a plain ass.

    Thanks for everything David.


  13. David Skul is a Linking Expert says:

    David Skul is one of the most professional linking experts that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. The help he provided to my site and its growth have resulted in over $45k in sales this year alone.

    David has never spammed anyone while working for me.

    James Ellison

  14. David Skul saved my business says:

    David Skul is one of the best business people I have ever met and when I heard from my buddy that this posting existed I almost hunted someone down.

    You see, three years ago I was referred to David by my friend Jake. My internet business was in so much trouble and I was neck deep in financial trouble because of the situation. My mortager was just about ready to take my home from me and put me and my family on the street. I had to many upset creditors to count and was being sued left and right for non-payment of debts.

    All of this was brought about by the hiring of a cheap SEO firm out of South America that claimed to be able to get me to #1 in matter of days. My site always sat on all the enegines around 7 or 8 and my company did very well. Sales were brisk and money was good. Then it happed. The firm I hired did some very illegitimate things with my site and boom #7 and #8 to #150 overnight. I just about puked.

    My life took a huge turn for the worst as I hired and fired other firms to help me get back to the top onf the SE index. Everyone of them screwed me and I had so many people not deliver what they promised it wasn’t funny. I was just about ready to file for Chapter 11 and Jake introduced me to David. I was skeptical to say the least about David’s claims to be able to bring my site back to its orignal rankings then surpass them to be #1 for my search terms. Not just one term all of them. The next thing I thought was I could never afford David’s services he was expensive to me at the time.

    But that did not phase David. He went right to work on contingency to help me out and got my site back up into the top 20 results in about 3 weeks. Sales started to roll in again and I was able to start making my motgage payment. but I was still broke and had not paid David a dime. David put his nose to the grindstone and made a contingency deal with me if he got me to #1 for my search terms.

    It took him less than six weeks to get ranked at #1 for all of my search terms. The best part was as the sales rolled in, David never hounded me or pestered me about oney. Well, long story short, David is now my main man and has earned me over $432k per year for the last two years. I gladly pay David $14k per month to service my site and keep it ranking for my selected terms and their semantic terms.

    The guy is top notch and anyone who says different is an ass. If you have a problem with David you have a problem with me. Post you name and email address if you want to tlak to me privately about David.


    Jeffery Lant
    Lant Industries, Inc

  15. David Skul says:

    I hope all is well. This search result generated so much business for LinkAcquire when I owned it that I had to stop by and say thanks. This posting led to positive sale results later when I finally sold LinkAcquire. I took total responsibility for the bad practices that took place by contracted employees in the beginning of LinkAcquire’s growth and learned quickly who to trust and how to guide them to ensure this type of poor linking practice would never happen again at LinkAcquire. Thank you again and have a great 2012.

    David Skul

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