Gold Star Events

I’ve used this service a couple times. It’s pretty good. I recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a play to watch — a much better experience than going to just see a movie.

Great Nights Out for about the Price of a Movie

You’ve heard that you can tell a lot about people by their friends? We believe it, and so we asked your friend to pass along word about us.

If you like live entertainment like theatre, comedy, music, and sports but end up heading to the multiplex or just hanging out at home more often than you’d like, you might be interested in joining Goldstar Events. It doesn’t cost anything to be a member, but the benefits can be enormous.

When you sign up, you can tell us what you like and the areas where you live, work and play, and we’ll email you dozens (or even hundreds) of half-price offers to comedy, music, theatre, sports, spas and more.

It’s a free membership, and you can sign up in less than one minute. Your friend has enjoyed being a member, and if you join, you’ll be getting out more often and having more fun too. Click the link below if you’re interested.

Join Goldstar Events

Best wishes,
Jim McCarthy
CEO, Goldstar Events

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