Nintendo DS ElectroPlankton?

I’d never heard of this game until I stumbled upon it on It sounds awesome! Anyone have it?

A Singing Zen Garden, January 11, 2006

Reviewer:Bruce Aguilar (Hollywood, CA)

ElectroPlankton for the Nintendo DS is much more about play, experimentation and discovery than achieving anything. There’s nothing to unlock, no goals, no saving of your musical creation. Instead you’re supposed to get caught up in the moment – discovering new ways to manipulate the ElectroPlankton. The depth the game has depends entirely on the player and how much time they are willing to give it. The more you play, the more discover, especially if you never read the instruction booklet.

I’ve shown the game to at least five non-gamers and they all have been immediately transfixed. Smiles spread across their faces and there was much laughing. They basically commandeered my DS and didn’t want to let go. Since playing ElectroPlankton two of these guys have decided to buy a DS – their first gaming system ever. It may be interesting for you to know that these guys were aged 35 and 47.

I’ve played ElectroPlankton just about every day since I imported it in April 2005. One of the things I love about ElectroPlankton is that it’s so unlike anything else. Never before has there been anything like it. It’s calming and relaxing while at the same time being very exciting and joyful. In fact, I’ve heard ElectroPlankton called a singing Zen garden and I believe that’s right on target. I find it intoxicating and a much welcomed breath of fresh air.

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