NamesDatabase Scam!

Just a warning to anyone out there who might read this page: is a scam. Don’t enter your email nor the emails of your friends. There’s nothing useful behind that page. They don’t actually have real information to give you. More info. Other sources. And yes, they send you spam.

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  1. karen says:


    Namesdatabase have taken money from my account to. I thought i joined as a one off a year ago. No emails saying they were going to take the money or the chance to cancel.

    • Gracie says:

      hi I have been a victim to. I told my credict card cmpany about it and they said they cannot do anything from blocking them

    • Sheridan says:

      I just got hit by them aswell. Exactly the same as you joine a year ago as a one off and bam they have taken money off my card. It is only $13.30 but still. No emails and no chance to cancel.

      I’ve logged it with my bank.

    • I have just discovered that names database who I joined as a f
      FREE member in 2006 have taken £12.16p off me without my permission from my credit card with no prior information that they were going to do it, or any info afterwards that they HAD done it.

      Have contacted them – no reply – so am going to contact my credit card company also

      chris lowe

  2. rusle says:

    they wont be in business too long .. please send your experience to the FTC Bureau of consumer Affairs

    lets take them down together.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Me too! I subscribed for what I thought was a one off payment, that was in 2006, have heard nothing much since then, now all of a sudden they have charged me again! I am in Australia and this is making it all the more difficult.

  4. Rolando says:

    Me too! I also subscribed and let my card charged for a one off payment. Surprised to see my card billing, that they are charging me again. What is more difficult is to unsubscribed as the e mail address I used then during the registration was dial up only and the server company was no longer operational..

    Please help this is a scam!!

  5. Debbie J says:

    namesdatabase is affiliated with I had a heck of a time getting out of there
    when I joined classmates, went thru truste I think it was, to get off it. Now classmates has me up
    there again and I NEVER rejoined them in 2009. I emailed classmates and they gave me
    a link which did not help because it says enter your email and regisration number which
    I don’t have a regisration number since I never rejoined. I didn’t give them my new email
    address either.
    I took further action and joined

  6. Wendy B says:

    I too have had money deducted from my account by Names Database!!!!

    On the 7 Oct 2010 they took $NZ16.39 – I do not recall having anything to do with them
    and certainly did not give my bank account number

    What to do now?

  7. CC says:

    Have some intelligence people. No wonder sites like this exist when idiots subscribe to it. Serioiusly we need to go back to natural evolution because the human race is evolving into a brain dead species. lol

  8. steve huxley says:

    In cases like this you have to actually cancel the card where the money was deducted from, and then bank will try and recoup your money. For a fee

  9. Irene Hew says:

    My credit card just been charged for USD12 for nothing which the subscription made few years ago when it was just a one time fee.

    Can anyone advise what is the best way out so that it won’t charge to my credit card again.


    • cheryl says:

      Hi ,
      you will have to cancel that credit card and get a new one. i have had to do that. They take it year after year. lodge the complaint with your bank and they will refund your money .

  10. J holowsac says:

    namesdatabase usa who are they ???? probably scanmmers I did not consent to the credit transaction for their crap, we shall see what Australia’s big bank can do bank can do ,,, this is fraud theft don’t get involved with namesdatabase

  11. cate says:

    i thought i was alone but reading this i see i am not the only one getting scammed by names database. they are shitting me and never reply to emails, and quite convenient they have not telephone number. i also was a one off and that was years ago cant remember my email back then so cant access the site to delete any info they have. i am going to get onto my bank and cancel all transactions they have made, wish me luck.

  12. philippines says:

    crap scam bogus or CIA mafia i wish the FBI would do their job or maybe they use it as well to get your info.

  13. jerelynne says:

    can anyone pls let me know how to get rid of them, they just took money from my account and the credit company said they cant do anything about it..ive emailed classmatesand never got a response and im still being billed, thank you anyone.

    • m says:

      I to have just been billed again, my CC company say there is nothing they can do, and namesdatabase do not answer emails, any help would be appreciated. mn

  14. Julie says:

    I’ve just been billed again as well. How can they get away with this? I think I will have to cancel my card.

  15. Paul says:

    Have been charged every year since 2008. $12 per year for a total of $84. The credit card I signed up with has since expired, (actually expired twice) and they still manage to charge using the old card details. Not really sure how to get rid of them. It’s not a lot of money but they are bad and they have to go!

  16. Ren says:

    Hi Elliot. How can I remove my information on this site? I registered in 2003. I lost the email I used to register here. Please help. :(

  17. Barry says:

    Yet another deduction of $12 from my account …this is the third unauthorised theft from my account…will log another claim and looks like I have to cancell my card and get a new one .Bank can’t stop them if they have your card details…what as scam.

  18. leo harford says:

    Names database have been taking money from my credit card year after year for a number of years. Certainly it’s a scam but what to do about it ,I don’t know. My bank told me, getting a new credit card does not help either.

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