NamesDatabase Scam!

Just a warning to anyone out there who might read this page: is a scam. Don’t enter your email nor the emails of your friends. There’s nothing useful behind that page. They don’t actually have real information to give you. More info. Other sources. And yes, they send you spam.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the warning. I got an email from a family member today for the “service”. After reading several website about names database I have come to the conclusion that they are a bait and switch scammer. You give your info but get nothing in return unless you pay them.

  2. harry says:

    your so right dude. i just checked it out. its all about attaining and selling your information. they have not contact details and not email, it basically is not human. its all about automatically gaining emails to spam. they’re f***ing criminals.

  3. sekar says:

    yes. they are junk people without giving any useful info.
    even when u refer 3 people junk people say’existng’ or already sent’ etc. u can’t pass rthe first form itself.
    really junk!

  4. LFB says:

    Try entering random strings after you give them a fake email address (or one you’ve just created so you can watch the spam that builds from them and their associates). They’ll tell you that [email protected] “Has already been told, please enter a new one.” They lie from the outset. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SPAM.

  5. art says:

    I have signed up with this crowd and since signing up have not been able to access anything that was claimed. I think it is a major scam as even my queries have been ignored.

  6. dms says:

    apparently namesdatabase has something to do with, which is a useful (but $$) service.

    I dunno. Namesdatabase requires you get a membership as well.

  7. Stephani Potter says:

    I got sucked in too! Now, how the heck can I get out? They have no options for deleting mmemberships

  8. I_hate_spam says:

    Is there any internet community that oversees on internet scams and can hear our voice , we can keep sending them about namesdatabase and shut that fu….g site down OR have the hosting service provided hold accountable to allow such scam site on their servers.

  9. dhruv raja says:

    Names data base is a cheater site. First while becoming a member they wrote $1 a month and when i registered with my creditcard they cut $12 for 1 year saying this was the scheme. To add oil to fire, they autoupdated my membership further in next year without intimating me and inspite of my many mails not to continue membership, they forcefully cut charges from my card.
    Such sites are to be exposed in the web world. Dhruv

  10. Diane says:

    They just took 12.00 out of my account,I have no idea who these people are.Now I am going to have to get a new bank account,pisses me off.

  11. Yes, my husband had joined Classmates and I was emailing
    people through his account. I sometimes google myself
    on search to see what comes up. All of a sudden, I see
    my name for names so I went to their site.
    It had my full name and where I went to school and what
    year I graduated. It said Referred by Cecilia Luna (it
    actually had her full name) which is strange because she
    has been gone for 2 years! The only way they could have
    known is through Classmates as I had a Memorial for her
    on there. Classmates emailed me and said they are with
    names To use my best friend who has passed
    to try to get me to join names database is tasteless and
    terrible. My husband has cancelled his membership with
    Classmates. I am very upset about it.

    • MV says:

      This site can go through your personal credit cards without giving the informations to them. You’ll be charged of something you never expected to have. Be careful.

    • larisa says:

      did you get your name removed from namesdatabase cause my names on there and i was reffered by a friend to but want my name removed off there list and my name is also spelled wrong on there to. thanks please let me know.

  12. Thank you very much. I’m glad I did some research on Google before actually entering sensitive information on On the surface, everything looks so legitimate — the site even proclaims a membership of 33 million. That puts it in Facebook and Skype territory, with 30-40 million active members, depending on which research report you choose to believe. It’s unbelievable hubris. This phishing site uses the fact that they’ve scammed 33 million people as a selling point!

    Arnie Lapinig

  13. Mary Mitchell says:

    Can anyone tell me the phone number for the names database? I got on with and now even though I quit in writing, they just took $12 from my checking account. Thanks.


    • David Gilmore says:

      I just had the same thing happen to me and there’s no way I have found to contact them. I want to dispute their charge. Please let me know if you have resolved this and how. THank you!

    • Liam Crawford says:

      They are taking an annual amount off my card and I am having trouble getting them to stop !! Here is the phone number my credit card co. gave me 1-866-395-4982 – but it is only a message saying contact them at: [email protected].
      Good luck,

  14. andoc says:

    I’m in the process of cancelling membersip with them at the moment. It is a definite scam for sure. There is no way to phone or email them through their support section. The only way is by a riciculous automated email that they won’t even respond to, to confirm your accounts cancellation.


    They have the ability to do this by clause 6 in their terms, so unless you read it closely you will be screwed over, as i was and am still for the last 6 years.

    I’m in the process via my bank at the moment…. The Names Database or Opobox Inc as I’ve seen them referred to aren’t even listed on the phonebook… someone should go knock on their door in Seattle!!!

    Anyay, I’m furious with them, it’ll sort out soon, cheers andoc

  15. Bronwyn says:

    I was scammed too!!

    They have been debiting my account for 3 years and its impossible to contact them as well as to cancel your subscription.

    This is ridiculous!! Imagine how rich someone is getting off all our money anually???

  16. PAM says:

    The same exact thing has been going on with me for 3 years. I am currently disputing the $12 charges with my bank. Hopefully they can get somewhere with all this. I think we should ALL call our local news channels under the “SCAMS” and definitely mention that they are affiliated with Classmates. com. I bet we will get a response then.

  17. Liuschen says:

    I have been affected by their scam. My account has been debited without my permission. This sucks!!! The people behind this scam should be made accountable.

  18. Andrea says:

    I too have been scammed by them. They have been debiting my account for years since there is no number to call to get them to stop. I did FINALLY get them to stop though. My husband actually sent an email to them with all of our phone numbers listed so they can call us back, and they did….

  19. Zelmo says:

    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2002-06-27
    Registration Date…. 2006-03-29
    Expiry Date………. 2016-06-27
    Organisation Name…. Opobox, Inc
    Organisation Address. P.O. Box 1269
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Renton, WA
    Organisation Address. 98057
    Organisation Address. –
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    Admin Name……….. Legal Department
    Admin Address…….. P.O. Box 1269
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. Renton, WA
    Admin Address…….. 98057
    Admin Address…….. –
    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. 1.2063015700
    Admin Fax………… 1.2013015795

    Tech Name………… Network Administrator
    Tech Address……… P.O. Box 1269
    Tech Address………
    Tech Address……… Renton, WA
    Tech Address……… 98057
    Tech Address……… –
    Tech Address……… UNITED STATES
    Tech Email………..
    Tech Phone……….. 1.2063015700
    Tech Fax…………. 1.2013015795
    Name Server……….
    Name Server……….
    Name Server……….
    Name Server……….

  20. me says:

    Frankly guys, Im glad to hear they dont give any info on peeps;there are some people I wouldnt want to know where I live. I just deleted my account (free) and glad I never went any further with them after reading your comments.

  21. Beverly says:


    I wrote about namesdatabase
    I never joined the social network. Still i called on Friend A to to the test with me.

    We were searching for friends within the network and SAD TO SAY the network is asking for another 24 email address before I can view A FRIENDS profile. This is just too much…

    ?!?!? I do not see any use of joining this network…. I swear!

  22. jerry says:


  23. Utepid says:

    I unfortunately joined in like 2005 cause a friend told me to, I have had the same issue with reomving my info and contacting them! The funning thing is, as it stands whilst they can sell your info and it is a scam, they state you have the right to completly and totally remove your information at any time…. So in fact they are inviolation of there own terms! Anybody who has tried to remove their information should keep a log off all attempts to do so and all attempts to contact them… If there are enough people out there with proof of there attempts and can show they are violating their own terms and conditions, then something can actually be donw about this! ALso when you remove your information as it stands in their terms at the moment, they no longer have the right to distribute etc. it would stop the spam!

  24. Christine says:

    NamesDatabase took money from my credit card – UNAUTHORIZED!!! This f**kers must be stopped from ripping off people. I asked my bank that my credit card was compromised and they are going to send me a new credit card with different details to the previous one so the company will not be able to get any more money from me.

  25. Kawen says:

    I also have problem with them. The very similar story – a friend of mine had send me an invitation, as for Facebook for example, so i have joined. Now when i want go out, they always send “invisible” link, there is no clear formula at their page and even when i have sent a few times a special e-mail with a keycode there is no result. And they want e-mail of another people, of course. I am no from USA, so i don’t know, is there no possibility to claim them at a court?
    (i’m sorry for possible language mistakes)

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