Caltech Braun Athletic Center

I went to the Braun Athletic Center at the California Institute of Technology. As a new JPL employee, they gave me a one-day free pass.

It’s a nice facility; one of their newer gyms, according to the guy at the reception desk. They have fields for baseball, soccer, rugby; basketball courts, swimming pools, racquetball courts, weight machines, treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, and biking machines. I tried all the indoor stuff. Now I’m really sore today.

I’ve been eating a lot at JPL lately. This morning I had an enormous breakfast burrito with ham, and now I just bought an Avocado Roll for $3.95 and a bottle of Naked-brand orange juice (“A pound of oranges in every bottle”). I’m justifying today’s expenditures by blaming them on my workout yesterday.
To go to the Caltech gym again, it would cost me $5 per day, or $50 for the whole summer. I’m tempted to opt for the $50 membership.

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  1. Sam says:

    Albertaco’s Breakfast Burrito ($2.75, ham, bacon, eggs, potatoes, cheese) = cheap and delicious for any meal of the day.

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