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Trip Home from JPL

Using 210 E – 605 S – 10 E
Note: Had to turn around after going 210 W; had to turn around after going too far on Azusa
Trip Odom: 36.6 mi
Moving Time: 1 hrs 13 min
Stopped: 8 min 11 sec
Max Speed: 83.3 mi/hr
Moving Avg: 29.9 mi/hr
Overall Avg: 26.9 mi/hr

NASA Centers

JPL is the star of NASA. Other than manned spaceflight, what do the other centers do? Yet 2/3 of NASA’s budget goes into manned spaceflight. Robotic missions are way cool, the technology is revolutionary, and we could do so much more. In the words of someone here: “NASA’s insane.”

Andrew Viterbi Worked At JPL

Andrew Viterbi, who donated $52 million to the USC School of Engineering, joined a communications research group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) upon graduating from MIT in 1957. It was “the most intriguing job he was offered”. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in 1962, invented the Viterbi algorithm in 1966, and founded Qualcomm in 1985. I never knew that JPL had played such a crucial role in his success. What an amazing story. The Quiet Genius (PDF).

Walking around JPL

It’s about time I posted to the “Big Room” category, dedicated to the outdoors. I’ve found that when I’m cold and sleepy, I can usually wake up by walking (or, for faster results, running) around. So, I made up a goal that perhaps could add a sense of achievement to these morning walks: take a picture of the sign for all of the buildings at JPL. That requires me to see the entire campus. I could use my cell phone camera, from which I can now transfer photos using Bluetooth. Hopefully there’s no security concern with this. JPL has tons of visitors very often, so the exterior of the buildings is all non-discreet information. Anyway, we’ll see if I actually decide to do this.

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