Walking around JPL

It’s about time I posted to the “Big Room” category, dedicated to the outdoors. I’ve found that when I’m cold and sleepy, I can usually wake up by walking (or, for faster results, running) around. So, I made up a goal that perhaps could add a sense of achievement to these morning walks: take a picture of the sign for all of the buildings at JPL. That requires me to see the entire campus. I could use my cell phone camera, from which I can now transfer photos using Bluetooth. Hopefully there’s no security concern with this. JPL has tons of visitors very often, so the exterior of the buildings is all non-discreet information. Anyway, we’ll see if I actually decide to do this.

By the way, I went to the JPL Career Fair a short while ago. It’s pretty much what I expected. A bunch of tables with a bunch of people talking about what they do. Since I’m not actively looking for a job anymore, I don’t have any objective there. I gave one person my resumĂ©. She was from Division 38, Instruments and Science Data Systems. We had a connection: she’s working on her Master’s degree from USC.

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