JPL Vanpool

I just got a call from the JPL vanpool coordinator. There are 3 other summer interns also looking for a spot. Wow, it would be interesting to meet them and talk with them, see how their first 2 weeks were. I’ve been driving myself because I was staying at Jordan’s condo in Pasadena. But now that Jon’s staying there, vanpooling is a good option. I just need to wake up early enough to make the 6:10 am leaving time. I thought I was too late again today, just barely, but I didn’t try. My car’s clock is 8 minutes fast, but I need that. I should try to get there by 6:00 am, so I should leave at 5:50 am. The earlier the better. There’s always a spot, she says, so I can go anytime. I’ll go tomorrow. Since I drove today, maybe I might as well use my pass for one free day at the Caltech Recreational Facilities.

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