Vitamin A, For X-ray vision

I picked up a Yoplait nouriche SuperSmoothie from the 167 Cafe, and under the cap, the seal read:

Vitamin A

For X-ray vision

Intrigued, I went to Google and typed in “vitamin a” “for x-ray vision”

Only four (4) results were returned. Thank goodness for MySpace blogs (I never thought I’d say that!) — the answer was there. My flavor was Peach, so I guess they’re random across flavors too. This particular smoothie had Vitamin A 25%. The relevant quote from the MySpace blog is: …under the cap they have nutrients promoted on the seal. Some of them are just basic stuff that most people already know, like “Vitamin C – Send your immune system to the gym”. I found one though that gets the little hamster in my head running faster than I should make that poor little guy go, “Vitamin A – For X-ray vision”.

OK, that was kind of cool. I’m saving the seal due to its humor.

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