Uncle Arthur’s Wedding

Here’s a very quick overview of my weekend. I left Thursday evening and flew to Houston, TX for my uncle’s wedding, which was held at Rice University. While in Texas, we went to a butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science. Later, we went to the Museum of Printing History, where we printed a page from the Gutenberg Bible (in Latin) and the Declaration of Independence (in English, of course). Then, we went to the Museum of Art History, where we ran out of time because we spent too much time in one place, thinking that was most of the museum (when in fact there were multiple buildings, linked by an underground tunnel). The wedding was beautiful and we had an expected too-fancy-for-me lunch. I met with cousins I hadn’t seen before as well as those I hadn’t seen for a long time. We played the card game Bang! and talked about Wikipedia a bit. My cousin Eric is addicted to fighting vandalism on Wikipedia. He’s not the only one.

After walking through the Galleria, the fourth largest mall in America, we went to IAH for our flight back to Los Angeles. We were hungry, having not had lunch, so we went to Pappadeaux (an adventure in itself). We took flight 1795, departing from Houston– Bush Int’l at 5:50 PM and arriving at LAX at 7:34 PM. One strange thing is that it took us a long time to get off the ground. My mom estimated it to be around 20 minutes of just being stopped on the runway. On the flight, they gave us “Big Bite” cheese pizzas for dinner. I was assigned seat 24D. Upon landing, my family drove me directly to USC. So I arrived back on campus last night, to find Theo as his usual self– sleeping, eating, watching TV.

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