The Web Guy Recap #1

I’ve started a new blog called The Web Guy, the place where I talk about everything technology-related. I decided to do this because my personal blog– what you’re reading right now– was getting too cluttered with computer and technology stuff. So all of that kind of writing– from beeping ThinkPads to the Email toolbar in Word– will now be at The Web Guy. Every now and then, I will do a recap of what I’ve written over on The Web Guy blog. Here’s the first one, for the month of August 2007.

First, I welcomed visitors to the new blog, which I originally called intelliot on tech. I wrote about how an iPhone was traded for a car, a JavaScript problem I had with phpBB3, and rotating a FlashPaper to landscape.

In September, I’ve written about installing netatalk, setting up my new iMac to work with my HP laser printer, and how PHP_SELF is a security risk. Maybe I should make a series out of all the iMac posts. I wrote about my call to AppleCare when my iMac froze, although it wasn’t a success. The iMac froze again today, bringing the count to seven (7) times in less than 7 days. I wrote about how Yahoo! Podcasts is shutting down. For more, take a look at my technology blog, The Web Guy.

2 Responses to “The Web Guy Recap #1”

  1. Is Widows Vista easier to use than XP? We build PCs and have not added Vista to either of our 3 computers. Visit to learn how to add all hardware ad some software to your computer.

    If ayone know the difference between Vista and XP, let us
    know.Once we thik its worth upgrading, we’ll do so.

    • Elliot Lee says:

      Otis, here are my top 3 differences between Vista and XP:

      1. Better user management. If you have a computer with multiple users, Vista will be able to handle it much more smoothly than XP.

      2. Built-in search. The search feature on XP, to put it plainly, sucked. You had to use Google Desktop Search, or suffer with incredibly slow searches. Search in Vista works pretty well. Many users might not even need GDS.

      3. Audio mixer. You can set the volume for individual applications separately from your overall volume.

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