SingTel 3G Hi Card iPhone

For a couple days I’ve been trying to get 3G data service working on my iPhone. I followed the instructions provided by SingTel, but it didn’t work until I changed my APN settings:

For Singtel Hi Card! prepaid user on iPhone, you may follow this settings:
hi Card (SingTel Prepaid)
APN: hicard
Username: 65 (e.g. 6591234567)
Password: 65ideas
Turn On the 3G, Cellular Data and Data Roaming.
It works on my iPhone 4, but don’t expect fast speed haha.
Thanks to Gary
– Stephen, source

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  1. Waty says:

    Thank u so much for this info…. Ur great… Save my time trying to call dem for directions…

  2. hakapes says:

    I also learned it the hard way.
    There is “hi! Prepaid SIM Card” and “hi! 3G Prepaid SIM Card”. The former one only goes 2G.
    I bought mine at the post office, they didn’t ask which one I want, they just gave me the 2G version. This only connects as GPRS.

    The 3G version looks like this:

  3. amanda says:

    Thank you so very much! I was going to strangle myself at the rate I was trying to get internet on this hicard.

  4. Kamar Tidur says:

    Thanks u so much

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